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Son of "Secrets and Lies"

This is when Lois walks into the barn. Conner goes all dewy-eyed at the sight of her. "Lois, this is my friend Conner," Clark says. "Conner, this is my fiancée Lois Lane." Conner waves and gives her a goofy grin. Lois walks towards them, pestering Clark about their byline, and stubs her toe on some farm implement. She stops at the stairs to take off her shoe. Conner gets a gander at her stocking-clad leg and shapely profile. His eyes glow and crackle. Clark knows all too well what's about to happen. He grabs Conner by the shoulders and turns him toward the opposite wall just as flames shoot out the boy's eyes. A metal pan crashes to the floor. "What just happened?" Lois asks. "Nothing," the super lads answer in unison. Lois looks suspicious. Kryptonians are terrible liars.

Clark takes Lois into the kitchen for a chat. Somewhere between the barn and the house, he's explained that Alexander is now Conner. Lois makes some not-very-topical mentions of Puff Daddy's and Prince's name changes, but it's what's underneath that has her worried. She reminds Clark that the kid tried to kill him. Fair point. Clark says that Alexander has changed more than his name: "He's only half Lex, it turns out." For a moment, Lois is worried that the other half is Tess, because... ew. "Lois, the other half is me," Clark says. He holds his breath and waits for her reaction. Many a man has stood before the woman in his life and confessed he had a child he knew nothing about. It's just usually more mundane than this. Lois thinks on that for a bit, and then: "Are you trying to tell me that Conner is the genetic lovechild of Clark Kent and Lex Luthor?" Back in the heyday of the show, this was known as "Clex". Clark somewhat bashfully says she doesn't have to say it like that. Yes, she does. They stare at each other for a while. "Does he have your powers?" Lois finally asks. (Seems like her first question should have been, "How the hell did that happen?") Clark gives her a little nod. Lois is about to plotz. She doesn't even know how she should feel about all this, she says. Clark's focus is on Conner, the freaked-out kid who needs their help. Lois is more worried about what the boy may be capable of. Now she asks how Lex created Conner without Clark knowing about it. Clark mentions the blood sample Helen Bryce took from him and that Lex later stole. "After he engineered Alexander, he thought that my DNA would stop the accelerated mitosis," Clark says. "And it worked." Eventually. Clark, as usual, feels responsible for how screwed up this kid is. Lois is cynical and thinks that Conner might like his powers more than Clark realizes. Clark gives a sad little laugh and remembers what it was like growing up, feeling like an outsider and a freak. He says he felt alone. The feeling never goes away, he tells her. "The only thing that's ever made me feel normal is you," he says. That softens her up. She smiles up at him with big, teary eyes. "Conner's not alone; he has us."

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