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Son of "Secrets and Lies"

Later, Clark goes inside to change his shirt and finds Tess in the kitchen again. "You know, we have a doorbell," he says. She's family now, Clark! She gets to barge in just like the rest of you. She tells him she just came by to see how things were going with Conner. She looks at his holey shirt. "Looks like I should have brought marshmallows." Just put them on really, really long sticks. "He's getting things faster than I did," Clark says. That's because he's only half-Kryptonian. The tremendous drag on his intellect is somewhat mitigated by the Luthor DNA. Tess is momentarily happy with how proud Clark seems, but she has bad news. Her "inside man" just told her that Lionel knows about Conner. Clark says he'll call Oliver and Chloe in Star City and send Conner there. Tess wonders if it's time to tell Conner the truth about his Luthor half. Conner, of course, is in the barn listening to every word with his super-hearing. He overhears Clark: "Considering everything that happened, I don't think it's a good idea that he knows half his DNA came from Lex. We can never let him know that half of him is Luthor." Conner glares and zips out of the barn.

LuthorCorp. Lois is doing some funky poaching. The sun's only just starting to set, so it seems like bad timing on her part. She snaps pictures of documents in Lionel's office. Tess calls and asks her what she's found. So far, everything looks pretty iron-clad, according to Lois. She says that Lionel had all-new official documents issued with his own signature. She's having some government contacts look into it. She hangs up with Tess and runs right into the business end of a handgun. The scene cuts away before revealing the would-be shooter, but it's not really a mystery.

Luthor Mansion. Conner explores what was once the library. Parts of the roof have caved in. Rubble is strewn across the floor and most of the windows are broken. It's quite a depressing sight. Even the sky is a particularly grouchy shade of orange. Conner picks up a framed photo that shows Lex and Lionel side by side, although Lex's face is obscured by a bit of soot. No sense paying Michael Rosenbaum until they absolutely have to. Conner hears footsteps behind him and whooshes away to hide. Lionel picks his way through the ruins. "Alexander?" he calls out. "I know you're here; I've had people tracking you since you left the Kent farm." Kid needs to work on his super-speed. Conner remains in the shadows, but asks, "Who are you?" "I'm your father," Lionel tells him. He sounds convincingly concerned as he offers to answer all of the boy's questions. Conner takes a few steps towards him. Lionel gets a look at him and seems distraught at what he sees. "Oh, Alexander, what have they done to you?" He reaches out to Conner, but Conner zips around behind him. Lionel waxes nauseated about how a part of Conner is Clark Kent, making it sound like a bad case of space herpes. Conner says he knows that Lex is a part of him, too, even though Clark lied to him about it. Lionel sees the crack he can wedge open and goes on about how Clark lied because he's afraid, and how he hates the Luthors. "Lex Luthor created an empire," Lionel says. "Clark Kent wants to keep it away from you." Conner seems reluctant to believe this, but he's not exactly running away, either. Lionel gives him a small box. Conner, having inherited Clark's naivety, opens it. Inside is a ring with a gaudy red gem. "Put the ring on; it's your birthright," Lionel says. It's also ever so fugly. But Conner puts it on and his veins turn snaky and his eyes flash red. "Now the journey begins," Lionel says. Conner smiles.

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