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Son of "Secrets and Lies"

When Lois wakes up, she finds herself lying on the sofa in front of a roaring fire. Her ill-gotten coat is gone, but thankfully Conner left the rest of her clothes alone. There are dozens of lit candles. Lois sits up and sees Conner gazing at himself in a mirror fragment. She also sees the ring on his finger. "I'm sorry that I lost my temper," he says when he notices her looking at him with fear. He sits beside her and strokes her hair. "I promise we'll live here happily ever after." You say that now, but the lack of indoor plumbing is going to wear on you. He cups her face in his hands and makes creepy noises about their destiny. She smiles and blinks away tears. "We should toast our future together," she says. She asks him to get them some champagne. He gets up and walks a few steps away before realizing something isn't right. "There's a reason Lois Lane is known for telling the truth," he says. He zips back over to her and grabs her from behind. "Because you're a terrible liar." She tries to reason with him, tells him it's the ring. He says he feels great and gives Clark the credit. He shoves her up against a wall. "You're nothing like Clark," she says. "I've seen him on red kryptonite, and it may bring out his inner angst a little, but it doesn't turn him into this." She doesn't remember the time that he, too, kidnapped another man's fiancee. Lois says it's the Lex part of Conner that's making him act this way, because the show just can't decide what side of the nature/nurture fence it's on. Conner throws her through some boards then grabs her, caveman-style, by the hair. "I'll open up a world Clark Kent can't even imagine for you," he whispers in her ear. This is just so, so gross. He rolls her onto her back and straddlers her hips. Ugh. When Lois mentions Clark, Conner starts to choke her. If he can't have her, he says, then neither can Clark.

Clark's voice reaches him from some distance. He zips away, leaving Lois coughing for air. She skedaddles to some hiding spot just as Clark walks into the room. He sees the sofa, the candles. He looks like he's going to vomit. He picks up the fur-lined coat. "You're not welcome here," Conner says behind him. They establish that Conner's not going to just hand Lois over, and Clark makes the obligatory effort to talk him into taking off the ring. They charge at each other. Conner throws Clark through a wall. Clark gets up, none the worse for the wear, and tries talking again. He just wants to help and keep Conner safe. "This isn't who you really are," Clark tells him. "You're wrong," Conner says and fondles his ring. "I'm nothing like you." He backhands Clark and sends him crashing through the exposed support beams. Clark gets up again. Conner says he's a Luthor. "This is where I belong!" he emos. "No, it's not, and you're coming home with me," Clark says, channeling Pa Kent. He grabs Conner by the front of his jacket. There's a struggle that the jacket miraculously survives. Clark shoves Conner into a wall, grabs the kid's fist and smashes it against the stone. The kryptonite shatters. Conner's eyes flash red and he looks almost immediately regretful. "Clark," he says, all sad puppy eyes. Clark lets go of him and takes a step back.

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