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Heeeeeeee's Nuts

Papa Luthor's office. A crony named Mike follows him in and punches some codes on a security panel. Then poor Mike gets the butt of a rifle in his face. Ow! Lex is on a tear. Lex pulls a pistol out of Security Guard Mike's holster. "Lex?" Papa Luthor calls. He asks how Lex got in there. Lex, who still looks disheveled in his dark blue shirt, tells Papa Luthor he got in by waving a gun around and acting crazy. Not that it required too much acting. Papa Luthor invites Lex to put the guns down and talk. Lex says it'll be a nice father-son chat. Lex, in a very fey way, nods the gun toward Papa Luthor and says they can talk about how he and Edge conspired to kill Lex's grandparents. Also, how Papa Luthor is drugging him. "Hey?" Lex asks, broadly, "why not do the whole thing on Oprah, you know?" Lex says that they can spill their guts on national TV like regular families do. Lex is doing a Jerry Maguire meltdown scene. Papa Luthor says he found out the same thing Lex did, and that he's angry too: he says the slum lord that owned the tenement hired Edge to blow up the building for the insurance money. Lex shakes his head and says that Papa Luthor planned it. "No! They were my parents," Papa Luthor says. "No matter how badly they treated me, I would never hurt them." It's hard to know whom to believe here. Papa says he knows deep down that Lex doesn't want to hurt him. Lex makes some crazy faces. He says he's disappointed that Papa Luthor hired people to kill Lex. Papa Luthor always told him if you want something done right, to do it yourself. Papa Luthor restates his alibi about The Edge. He says he knows where to find the guy. Lex cocks his gun and points it at Papa Luthor's throat. Papa tries to talk sense into Lex about justice. Lex shushes him. "You'll wake the baby," Lex says suddenly. Wuh? Papa Luthor asks if Lex is seeing Julian. Lex rubs his own head. He says he can't take it when Julian cries. Papa Luthor says that Julian isn't there. He's dead. "No!" Lex yells. Papa Luthor tells Lex he can't blame himself for the baby's death. "Shut up!" Lex bellows. More gun pointing. Papa Luthor knows Lex didn't mean to hurt the baby. More "Shut up!" Papa Luthor says it was an accident. Lex wants to know, right now, where The New Edge is hiding. Papa Luthor agrees to tell him. Papa Luthor writes down an address and warns Lex to be careful. Lex takes the address. "I can't bear to lose another child," Papa Luthor says. Lex pistol-whips Papa with a backhand swing. Yeow. Taken like a Magnificent Victim.

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