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Heeeeeeee's Nuts

Hours later, I guess, the red truck pulls up to the warehouse in Metropolis. Lex tells Clark he should maybe wait in the car. Clark says no: "I've got your back." He totally does. In every which way. Clark says that's why he's here. They get out of the truck and go into the warehouse.

Inside, funky sound effects start to play and the camera goes wobbly. There's a sewing shop inside now, with lots of Asian employees, a bulletin board, and everything. Lex looks around, completely flummoxed, as things move in slow motion. People look at him. Lex rubs his neck. Clark suggests that it might be the wrong place. Lex says it's not. "Edge was here," Lex says. "That was only yesterday," Clark tells him. Clark says that the workers look like they've been there a while. Lex says, intensely, that this is all part of the cover-up. Lex says it wouldn't be that hard to bring in some machines and some immigrant labor. Clark says that if Edge wanted to disappear, why would he go through all the trouble? "I don't know!" Lex answers. People keep working. Clark tells Lex that he's gotta ask himself if there's any possibility that he might be imagining all of it. Lex thinks about it, and then grabs an older-looking guy by the shoulders and starts yelling at him. Lex takes the poor guy's hand and throws it on a sewing table, threatening to give him the seam if he doesn't tell Lex where Edge is hiding. Clark pulls him back and says that the guy doesn't understand a word Lex is saying. How does Clark know that? The guy starts yelling at Clark in a language I don't understand. Lex tells Clark that he wins, but he pulls out the red shard and says he's not imagining that part of it. Asian Boss Man yells at them to "Go! Go!" Clark and Lex exit.

Stately Luthor Manor at night. Inside, Lex is looking for more evidence. Clark suggests that they call Sheriff Cheshire to bring in a forensics team. She'll love that. Clark asks Lex what he wants to do. Lex rubs his neck. "Mr. Luthor," a voice says from the doorway. Hootie lives! "Darius," Lex says in disbelief. The camera keeps swinging back and forth between the characters, woozily. Hootie says that they were worried about Lex. Lex goes crazily to Hootie and tells him he's in on this. "In on what, sir?" Hootie asks. Lex points. He frantically goes to his decanter and pours himself some scotch. "Come on, Lex," Clark says, trying to get Lex not to crack up and go Anne Heche on him. "Lex," another voice says. It's Lex's psychiatrist. She says they were looking everywhere for Lex. Lex spins on Clark and asks if he called her. "I don't even know who she is," Clark says. Lex yells that it's his psychiatrist. He says it's a little convenient that she showed up. She says Security called her. "You need to come with me," the doctor says. Lex ain't going anywhere. He says that somebody tried to kill him the night before, and that he jumped through a window. He shows the shard of glass. The psychiatrist, smooth as five cucumbers, says that the window was broken, but that it was caused by Lex's hurling a vase through the hallway window. She shows him the vase she's talking about. Wouldn't the vase have broken as well? Lex shakes his head. The psychiatrist pulls out some pills and offers to give them to Lex. Lex grabs the pills and asks if it's a hallucinogen. She says it's a sedative. The doctor is unamused. Lex accuses her of drugging him to make him crazy. "We need to get you to a hospital," she says. Hootie tries to come closer to Lex. Lex takes a moment, and then grabs Hootie's gun from its holster and starts waving it around, yelling at everyone to get down. Hootie hasn't gotten down since like 1994. Gun waving. Lex raving. Clark tries to get Lex to give him the gun. Lex yells that they're going to send him away, and that he'll either be dead or drooling in a mental ward. Clark asks why they'd do that. Lex screams that it's a perfect plan: as long as he's crazy, nobody will believe what he found out about Papa Luthor and Edge. Doctor Unamused tells Clark that his friend is very sick. She says that these theories are part of Lex's condition. "Shut up!" Lex spits, in an un-suave fashion. Lex says that maybe he is crazy: "I honestly don't know anymore. But what if I'm right about all this?" Clark is as conflicted as his brain will allow. Lex asks Clark not to let them put him away. Clark squints.

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