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Marked Men

The music crescendos. In Metropolis, Clark walks down a long hallway with a determined look on his face. His hair is slicked back. He walks out onto the roof of the Daily Planet building. He holds his flight ticket to Cairo as he stands at the ledge, looking over the city. He lets the ticket slip from his hand. The camera pans around his back. He's wearing... he's wearing... I don't know how to describe it. It's a deep red leather jacket, with quilted padding on shoulders. The S-shield is embossed on the chest. The tailoring and straining of the fitted leather make his pecs look sort of boobish. The jacket is unzipped to show a blue tee underneath. I bet the jacket makes creaky leather sounds when Clark runs at super-speed. Even still, as cheesy as the whole thing is, with the American flag flapping and the golden globe behind him, it's kind of a nice moment. Heroic music plays as Clark poses. Then the credits roll. Clark probably goes for a sandwich or something.

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