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Marked Men

Clark changes the subject. "Let's find you a permanent desk," he says. "This one belongs to someone on temporary leave." Cat makes a sound of disgust. "You mean Lois Lane? She's the one who got this whole thing started, calling those costumed vigilantes 'heroes.'" Clark, with his back to Cat, fumes. Cat goes on about how Lois is just, like, obviously in love with the Blur. He turns back toward Cat just in time to see her throwing away Lois's nameplate. He pointedly throws away Cat's cookie and puts Lois's nameplate back on her desk. "Lois Lane is the best crime reporter this newspaper ever had," he says. He tries to show Cat over to another desk, but she cheerfully doesn't budge. "I don't think you get it," she perks. "I'm your new partner!" Clark looks like he's just been asked to do long division in his head. Somebody save him!

Watchtower. Oliver is busily typing at a computer, searching the Metropolis Police records for mentions of Chloe. Nothing turns up. As the camera sweeps around him, we see several other computers up and running, all searching fruitlessly for Chloe. Tess walks in. "I got your message," she says. "I have to say, it wasn't the call I was expecting." He doesn't bother with a greeting, just announces that Chloe is gone, with a hint of accusation in his voice. "Well, you've been with her for five months," Tess says. "Seems like things are right on schedule." It's not like that, Oliver tells her. She just disappeared without a word. Tess thinks their whole group has trust issues. Oliver says she must not know him at all if she thinks he's just going to sit around waiting for his girlfriend to come back like Clark is doing. Tess sticks up for Clark, saying that Clark respects Lois enough to give her space. "Maybe that's because Lois hasn't completely disappeared," Oliver says. He tells Tess there's no digital record for Chloe anywhere. "It's like she never existed," he says sadly. Tess looks at the bank of monitors with a gleam of recognition and admiration. "The only one who could erase Chloe is Chloe," she says. Oliver accuses Tess of being behind it, showing her an email from Chloe that he thinks Tess forged. She reads it out loud for the audience at home, most of which I'll spare you. It ends with "I've never loved anyone the way I've loved you, and I never will again." Chloe's letter signs off by calling Oliver her hero and "knight in shining leather." Tess gets a little choked up reading it. She's got some crazy clown blush going on here. Maybe the purple prose is rubbing off on her, dermally. Tess tells Oliver she didn't write the letter. Oliver, with tears shining in his eyes, already knew. Tess admits she helped Chloe "reset the system." She trusted that Chloe had a plan. "Maybe it's time you trust her, too." Oliver looks like a lost little boy.

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