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Marked Men

Talon apartment. Oliver is rummaging through Chloe's drawers, though not in the fun way like he used to. He moves on to a cabinet, but something on a shelf gives him pause. It's a photo of Chloe, lying in bed all tousled and wearing only a rumpled sheet. It's a sweet picture, more comfortable than salacious. Oliver puts it down again and picks up a small glass vial. He pockets it just as Cat shows herself into the apartment, a bag of groceries in her arms. She stopped for groceries? Also, what in the hell made Clark think hiding out in the Talon was a good idea? Haven't a bunch of people been kidnapped, assaulted or killed there? "Don't move," says Oliver, now wearing his Green Arrow outfit for some reason. Cat goes through a whole purse's worth of self defense items, but Oliver foils them all easily. She makes for the door, but he holds it shut. "I should have known you masked creeps would be following me," she says. "Your little car bomb backfired this morning!" He tries to convince her he's not a bad guy but she says she has proof that his group has been torturing people at an old brewery by the docks. She shows him the pictures on her phone, which he promptly snatches away. Justin Hartley's arms are insane. I'm... kind of having a hard time focusing on anything else. They're so... nice. Ahem! Cat makes another break for it. This time, Oliver doesn't stop her. He disappears through an open window. I miss the arms already.

Tess's office. Clark gets Cat's personnel records from the file cabinet. You'd think that would be in HR or something, but whatever. Tess walks in, not even surprised to see him. "All you had to do was ask," she says. Yeah, but stealing is more fun! "Cat Grant isn't who she says she is," Clark says. Her real name is Mary Louise Something. Tess thinks this is about Clark not wanting anyone to replace Lois, so she tells him to just go get her back. Clark says he respects Lois's decision. Yeah, that's why you bought a ticket to Cairo earlier. Clark gets the topic back to Cat, talking about her suspicious phone calls and the blowing up cars with engraved bullets. Something about that last bit sounds familiar to Tess so she sits down at her computer and pulls up a file on one of Checkmate's old targets. "One of the few they never got," she says. "And one of the even fewer they feared." The file shows a grainy image of the bemonocled marksman, who's also high up on the CIA's and Interpol's wanted lists. "He strikes with surgical precision and assassinates all witnesses," Tess says. He's known to Checkmate only as Deadshot.

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