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Marked Men

We move next to Deadshot's Deadshack. His ramshackle lair is filled with guns in various states of repair and manufacture. The twangy guitar returns. Deadshot sits at a workbench, sparks flying from whatever tools he's using. He says, in a phony Southern accent, "You failed to mention exactly what Ah was dealin' with." Ah do declare! "Ah don't make it a practice to let mah targets walk away." As we move around his workbench, we see a speaker phone. "That was just a test," says a voice. "Had to make sure we were after the right guy." Deadshot scolds the other man for not telling him, what with them being on the same team and all. Then he talks about fate, because everyone on this show is obsessed with fate and destiny. He says everyone's got a bullet with their name on it. To illustrate his point, he studies the bullet he's been working on. It bears Clark's name.

Talon, night. Cat looks like she's getting ready to leave, and she's put on a bulletproof vest. She hears someone approaching the door and grabs a knife from the kitchen. The door opens. She's relieved to see Clark and tells him about being attacked by Green Arrow. "It's all a part of that vigilante agenda," she spits, the very words distasteful to her. She thinks they're after her now that she's working at the Planet to expose the truth about them. "If you're really about the truth, then why did you lie to me?" he asks. He says she's hiding a few secrets of her own. Well, so are you, ya big weenie. Cat plays dumb until Clark mentions the name change. She breaks down and tells him about her young son, who's staying with his grandparents. Her relationship with the boy's dad went sour. Clark talks about him and Lois and how he's not sure if they'll get back together. Cat's ex was bad enough that she changed her name to get away from him. Then she took a high-profile job crusading against high-profile people. Smooth. But she tearfully explains it in a way that makes sense, or at least makes sense that it would make sense to her. When she says she has to hide behind her new identity, Clark gently compares her to the vigilantes she's fighting. She thinks about that for a while. The only thing that matters to her is protecting her son. Clark gets a text from Tess. He apologizes to Cat, but he needs to go. She's afraid Green Arrow will come back for her, but Clark tells her to stay put and promises to be back. As she watches him leave, she sees a long brunette wig hanging on a coat rack. What the hell? [Remember, Lois used to keep that apartment full of more costumes than a strip-o-gram dispatch office when she lived there. - Z]

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