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Marked Men

Africa. Carter and Lois are drinkin' and talkin'. She thinks sometimes that she was destined (obsessed!) to be with Clark, but his destiny (obsessed!) is so much bigger than that. She doesn't want to hold him back. "What if you're the one that makes his burden easier to bear?" he asks. She thinks about that for a bit, then asks, "Do you think that's why he sent you here? To make sure I was safe?" Damn, Clark really does owe him big time. Carter says Clark worries about her and doesn't know that she knows the truth yet. Lois worries about blabbing his secret. "With every great relationship," Carter says, "comes a great burden, and the strength to carry it." Eh. Lois excuses herself for bedtime, but Carter calls her back. He hands her a book and says it was a gift from his wife. "It's a story about two star-crossed lovers." He tells her about Prince Khufu and Shayera, who loved each other so much that they found one another in every lifetime. Lois, listens, rapt. Then Carter finishes by saying they lost each other in death again. "That's a terrible story," Lois says, though not meanly. For some reason, the scene keeps going on. Khufu tried seeking other women, Carter goes on, but only found Shayera when he stopped looking. Lost in his own story, he sees Shayera standing in Lois's place. He leans forward to kiss her. This being Lois, she slaps him hard across the face instead of just backing up like a normal person would. "Try that again," she says, "and the next thing kissing your lips will be my fist." He watches her stomp off, his brow furrowed.

Tess's office. Tess tells Clark that her lab guys have worked on the bullet he pulled from Cat's car. Once stretched out from its accordion-like shape, the "A R N T" becomes "CLARK KENT." Yes, it all seems so obvious now! Clark silently curses his parents for not allowing him to read Mad as a child. Clark thinks about it for a while and goes, "The target is me!" He thinks some more. "This guy doesn't know that bullets and car explosions don't hurt me," he says. Every baddie you've ever fought knows it, dingus. They probably talk amongst themselves, you know. Tess says Deadshot may have been testing Clark. Clark thinks there must be more to his plan. Tess figures Deadshot, knowing Clark is faster than his bullets, will go after someone he knows Clark will save. She says, "And maybe you'll be there to--" "--act as a shield," Clark finishes. Clark Kent: He'll keep you safe, dry, and fresh all day long. He realizes he needs to get back to Smallville to protect Cat, but Tess says it's too late. A computer tracker shows Cat on the move. They had a tracker on her? [Maybe they bugged her... uh, replacement phone? - Z]

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