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Nice Not to See You

The Boobs Bath. A candle is blown out. The door has been opened. Boobs sits up in her bath. "Lex?" she calls. The tinkly music of doom is playing. Suddenly, she's dunked in the water. Hooray! In the water, we see what looks like one of the creatures from The Abyss gone horribly wrong, choking her and pushing her under. She flails. Comes up. Heh. She's not so pretty without her precious makeup, is she? She's dunked again. Her leg, which is doing a better acting job than the whole rest of her body combined, flails outside of the tub's edge. A vase with blue marbles in it falls to the floor, shattering.

In the hall, Clark is just walking along and hears the crash. He superzips it upstairs and crashes through the door. He sees a naked leg hanging out of the tub. He rushes over, looking pained that he has to help a naked wet woman, and lifts her out. As soon as he pulls her out, she starts coughing and wheezing. She can't even be convincingly unconscious. Clark puts the robe on her, which is conveniently nearby to cover her naughty bits. Just then, Clark is punched across the chest by something we can't see and is thrown back against a standing mirror, which shatters. Clark turns and uses his x-ray vision and sees the skeleton of the InvisoPerv. Some pieces of glass on the floor reflect an iridescent shape. The skeleton thing opens the door and leaves. Clark looks at the glass on the floor and sees that there's blood on it.

Oh man. They added Boobs to the little between-commercial promo for The WB. How I hate The WB right now.

Pepsi Twist commercial. What kind of fucked up world are we living in where a man on the street knows Hallie Eisenberg's name, but doesn't have a clue who Barry Bostwick is?

The Torch. Chloe and Clark are examining the blood on the glass Clark found. Chloe says blood definitely means there's no ghost. So the next logical conclusion? An invisible person. Of course! Chloe finds some green powder on the glass and rubs it on her fingers. She says it smells like roses. And then, whoah! The tips of Chloe's fingers disappear! Does George Lucas know about this? He could save a fortune! Chloe says she's now officially weirded out. Hey, I just figured out a way that we won't have to look at Boobs McChesty anymore! Clark says that if she put that stuff all over her body she'd be -- "Naked?"Chloe cuts off. "Invisible," Clark says. Man, Naked Chloe doesn't even warrant a titter from him. Chloe rubs off the powder from her fingers with a Kleenex, and they return to visible form.

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