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Nice Not to See You

The barn of solo flights. MamaKent comes in, and suddenly the barn looks bigger than Lex's mansion on the inside. It's even got a couch where Clark is lying down on his lonely, friendshippy ass. MamaKent asks about Lana. "We're still friends," Clark says. MamaKent asks if he's okay with that. "No!" he says. Heh. He says he thinks it's the right call for now. Chloe bursts in and MamaKent gets up to leave. How did Chloe know Clark would be alone? She just wanted to bust up his nookie session. Chloe reveals that the blood on the mirror doesn't match LexStalka's blood type. Chloe says the girl may be able to "Lex Obsess," but she's not the invisible freak. Clark looks at a printout that Chloe brought over and notices that LexStalka's brother does have a matching blood type. They suddenly jump to the conclusion that because he's quiet, he must be the invisible person. Clark gets up to run out. Couldn't they be completely wrong, just once?

At the Luthor Castle. Lex is tied up on the floor, his hands behind him. Yowza. InvisoBoy is yelling at Lex, asking how he could send the sister away. "She loved you!" the brother's voice hisses. Lex, dazed, looks around and asks who it is. "Suddenly, you care," the voice says. Lex calls the voice by name, and gets it right. Lex gets up, slowly. The brother, who suddenly is a sociology expert, says Lex broke the unwritten rule by speaking to the lower-class help. The "invisible" people. Man, this dialogue is so ham-fisted, it's like a honey-roasted boxing glove. Lex gets beat around by the angry, class-conscious InvisoBoy. The room is dark and filled with war paraphernalia. "What have I ever done to you?" Lex moans. "Not to me, to [LexStalka']!" the boy yells. Lex says he only sent the girl away because he thought she attacked Boobs. InvisoBoy says he did it, to get things back the way they were for his sister. He's mad that Lex doesn't love his sister. "That kind of love could get me arrested," Lex says, the corner of his mouth bleeding. "She's a little young for me." InvisoBoy yells about ruined lives, and starts waving a sword from the wall around, making swishing noises. The sword flies. It hits the wall right next to Lex's sweet head. Lex looks scared.

Outside in the fog. Clark zips to the castle and knocks on the door, yelling Lex's name. "Clark!" Lex calls. Clark busts in. Lex is thrown against the wall, hitting his head and getting knocked out. Clark sees what's going on. "Stay away from me, Kent!" InvisoBoy says. Clark asks what happened. "Chemistry" is the cryptic, yet dumb response. "Some plants don't absorb light, they refract it." That's it? That's how you become invisible? What a fucking crock of shit. No offense, Lex. InvisoBoy complains that he used the green plants to become invisible, turning the figurative use of the word to the literal. Again: we get it. Clark turns around and is clocked in the head with a mace. The mace shatters in bad, pointless CGI slow motion. Clark spins around. Why is he stunned? I thought stuff like that barely fazed him. InvisoBoy says that Lex has mentioned that Clark is "special." "I'm special, too!" InvisoBoy says. Somewhere, Thom Yorke is wishing he were special. InvisoBoy starts choking Clark from around back. Clark thrashes around. It's like those bad improvs where somebody pretends to wrestle an invisible opponent. Clark knocks InvisoBoy off and he smashes into some stray scaffolding where cans of red and yellow paint fall and land on the invisible body. It's wood paneling in here. Who was going to use yellow and red paint? Oh, I see. Some sort of piece of art on the wall. Whatever. The paint lands perfectly, and we see the shape of InvisoBoy's body. And that's all we get. Lame, I know.

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