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Nice Not to See You

Outside. The police carry InvisoBoy out. Please note: not a single speck of paint on his naked body. I guess the paint was disappearing paint, huh? Clark asks Lex what he thinks will happen. "Years and years of therapy," he answers. We get a low shot, looking up at Lex's and Clark's crotches. Lex asks how InvisoBoy made himself transparent. Clark says he doesn't know and the secret will probably go with the disturbed boy. Where? To the hospital? Lex rubs the back of his neck. Clark? Wanna get that? Clark apologizes for breaking antiques. Lex says it's okay. His mother always hated that room. "War is in our nature," she had told him. "We don't need to put it on display."

Crap alt-rock music strummy strums. The big, huge white moon sets like a giant Lex skull. Clark, in the dark barn, watches through his telescope as Jocko and Lana talk. The two of them hug. Clark looks down, sadly. He caught the brooding bug from Jocko Whitney.

Blackout to credits.

In case you were wondering, The WB wants to sell you crappy CDs. You're welcome.

Next week: Bo Duke loses the farm. Lex apparently shoots Clark with an Uzi. And Jocko goes all bitch crazy. Should be fun. See you next week.

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