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Nice Not to See You

Drama in the vicinity. Jocko Whitney is telling Lana that he doesn't have time to help her with the blood drive. Lana sounds frustrated. And not just about having to say her lines. She says that if he doesn't want to help, he should just say so. Jocko has his arms crossed using typical "I don't want to help your non-expressive, non-acting ass with anything right now" body language. Chloe watches, saying, "That isn't pretty," and engaging in the world's oldest game, Schadenfreude. She's right. It's not just pretty. It's preternaturally pretty. Jocko says he doesn't want to talk right now. Lana says Jocko's been avoiding her for a week. And she says she's worried. Jocko says she shouldn't be, and that he just needs some space. You all know that in jock-speak, "space" is just another word for "nookie that is not yours," right? Lana tells him that if he can't confide in her, she doesn't know why they're dating in the first place. So...they're...back together, then? You can never tell on this show. Lana walks off. Chloe and Clark pretend they weren't watching.

Lana comes over to Clark and Chloe's table. Clark plays it off, asking how she's doing. Lana says things aren't great, but she thanks them for the "courtesy clueless." Heh. That just reminded me that Alicia Silverstone has no career to speak of. Chloe asks whether donating a pint of blood each would cheer Lana up. If she's Kreukferatu, maybe. Lana cheerfully takes their names down on a clipboard (in this town, all you need is a clipboard to get blood out of people). Lana asks Clark about donating blood, and he suddenly looks alarmed. "I'm...not...sure," he manages, looking to Chloe for help. Chloe looks back, but doesn't have a clue what he's on about. "Can I get back to you?" he asks. Lana, more seriously, says that's fine. In her head, she's building a Clark/Jocko comparison chart. Clark offers to help out behind the scenes. You know, carry blood packets, poke people with needles, that sort of thing. Chloe gives him the old "Oh, I know where this is going" look. Lana says thanks and leaves, finally. Let the people drink their damn coffee already. Chloe compliments Clark on his "nice recovery," but asks if his helping has some ulterior motive. Hasn't his entire relationship with Lana been about being sweet for ulterior motives? Chloe seems Chloueless this week. Clark says he's just being a good friend. He takes a sip of coffee from a white cup. Chloe takes a sip from a huge, light-kryptonite-colored vase of a cup. This is the saddest coffee shop ever. They can't even afford matching beverage containers.

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