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Nice Not to See You

On the computer screen, charts for "Cadmus Labs" appear. We hear a door open. Clark walks in and catches a scared-looking Boobs looking guilty as hell behind Lex's desk and with her hands on the Apple laptop. She presses a three-key combination to log off. I think she just looked at the forums and realized nobody likes her. Clark looks like he's going to say something, but instead they hear a pounding sound from above. They run out of the room. Lex, in his crisp white shirt, sees Clark and Boobs in the hall. They run up a set of stairs. More pounding. They come to a room where a weird, unrealistic white light is emanating from the cracks around a door. The door is shaking in its frame. Lex and Clark inch forward. Lex touches the handle as the music crescendos, then fades. The light from the door fades, too. Boobs, breathing heavily, opens her mouth for a bit, but as is best for all concerned, she says nothing. Lex turns back to the door. He opens it, and a blast of white light hits him as something presumably rushes past, knocking Lex into Clark's arms. Love, love, LOVE! Clark and Lex exchange a look. Lex moves forward slowly, afraid to lose the moment. He walks into a black-lit room where pillow feathers are flying in the air. The black light makes his white shirt glow. Psycho music plays as they walk into the room. In Day-Glo colors, the words, "Leave Now" and "Go" are painted all over the room. Is this Boobs's room? It seems awfully small given her chest. Lex looks around, all stunned. Zoom in on Clark's face, then we go to commercial.

In the newsroom of The Torch, Chloe puts up a red photo of the word "Leave" on the Wall of Weird. She remarks that it doesn't leave a lot of room for interpretation. They talk about the night's events. Clark says it was weird, the door was shaking, and Lex felt something brush past him. You know, I'll let you in on a little secret: I've seen the rest of this episode, and they never explain why that funky white light was there or why there was shaking. Just so you know. Chloe suggests it might be a poltergeist. Clark says the cops think it's vandals. Rave vandals. Chloe smiles all of a sudden and asks about the blood drive. Clark says he and Lana are getting together that night at her place. "That's very romantic," Chloe says. Yeah. Hanging around the farm is practically Paris. Clark looks away. Awkward silence. Chloe saves it by reminding Clark that once you cross the friendship line, you can't hide behind the "Cloak of Friendship" anymore. She says slyly, "Proceed with caution." Okay, it's official. I don't hate Chloe anymore. She will never be as bad as Boobs McChesty.

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