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Canary In A Coal Mine

Kent Farm at night. Lana is in the kitchen, packing up a tiny bag of her things. Emo music begins to play. Clark enters the kitchen and sees her. They exchange testy "hi"s. Lana says that she talked to Chloe and plans to stay with her for a few days. Isn't it a little crowded over there with Chloe and lovesick Lois? Why not get a hotel or go stay with Nell? Is Lana still sixteen years old? She's a millionaire divorcee, fer cryin' out loud. Lana starts to go. Clark blurts, "I stole a Lamborghini." He says that he broke into a bank of ATMs and stole a bunch of money. He ripped off a bunch of bank vault doors. He fails to mention that all this was all under the effect of a red Kryptonite ring. Clark says that he's not perfect, and that he knows it's hard for her to live with him. Especially with the double-sided life he lives. Lana warms considerably. She says that she's been a "two-headed hydra" herself lately. Isn't that, by definition, not a hydra? Clark says it's funny that you can have all the right motives, but still do all the wrong things. Ha! Hilarious! Comedy! Lana wishes she knew how they ended up here. Might I direct you to seven seasons worth or recaps? I am painfully fucking aware of exactly how we got here. It was a trail of tears, my friend. Lana says that she is still committed to "us." Clark thinks Lana doubts that he feels the same. Lana thinks he does indeed doubt that she's the one he'll end up with. Aren't they like nineteen or twenty years old? Shouldn't they stop worrying about committing to a relationship for the rest of their lives? Live, damn you, live! Clark looks worried and called-out. He says that he can't tell the future and doesn't know what's going to happen between them. He promises that he'll do everything he can to make sure they can trust each other again. Lana nods. Clark is so romantic. Clark says that he doesn't want this to be over. Does that mean a Season 8? Clark and Lana gaze at each other. No kiss. No hug. Instead, we cut outside to some cows grazing. They wonder what'll happen if there's five more episodes than planned this season. More grass?

Next week: Clark is inside Lex's head. Which I guess is just payback for all the times Lex's head was inside Clark.

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