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Canary In A Coal Mine

Commercials. Paulie Walnuts eats at Denny's? That just makes me sad.

Ground's-eye view of the revolving-door entrance of The Daily Planet. Inside, we're still on the ground. A pair of shapely legs are walking around the newsroom. They turn out to belong to Dinah. She walks to a desk in the newsroom and quickly picks the cheap top-drawer lock. Inside is a Treo smartphone. Who leaves a smartphone, turned on, inside a locked desk drawer? Chloe, that's who (apparently). Dinah pulls up a screen that shows the last call. It is neatly labeled "Oliver Queen." Nice stealth there, Chloe. No password, even? Dinah puts the phone back in the drawer and doesn't bother to lock it or hide her handiwork. And what nice handiwork it was.

We cut to Lana's Lame Station Zebra, where she's going through speedily fast-forwarded footage of Lex at the mansion. Lana, wearing a strange, sleeveless turtleneck (what cruel world is this!?), is working in the dark. Clark wanders in, walking through the unlocked front door of the Isis Foundation, and sheepishly says he was hoping Lana could help him. He hands over a sketch of Fishnet. Who drew it? It's not like Oliver and Chloe went to the police. Clark says that the woman attacked Chloe; he wonders if Lana might know of any connection she'd have to Lex. Lana, not bothering to ask how Chloe is doing, goes all bitter. She says that everybody was ready to call her Lady Macbeth when she started watching Lex. Now, she says, Clark is the second person to ask for her help that day. "The second person?" asks Clark. Lana doesn't recognize the woman from the old footage. "I would have recognized the mask," she says. Well...yeah. Clark, mopey, says thanks anyway.

Clark starts to leave, but Lana uses the opportunity to confess to Clark about the woman who was infected by Brainiac and how Lana took care of her until she died. Lana says that the woman's mind was already gone: "We were just looking for clues." Clark asks her to define "we." It was her and Bizarro Clark. Clark asks why Lana is bothering to tell him now. Lana says that Papa Luthor was holding it over her head. Clark is really pissy as he says that Lana only confides in him when she's being threatened. Lana, losing her cool, says she doesn't know what else to say to Clark: "I thought that he was you!" Clark doesn't buy that bullshit. He says that Lana is supposed to know him better than anyone. Lana says that Clark is with her now. He asks if it wasn't easier with Bizarro. Lana admits that it was. She says that he was more affectionate and more understanding, and asks if that's what Clark wants to hear. She says that she can't even look at Clark without him taking it the wrong way. He whispers, "Because you're looking at me like you wish I was someone else." Ouch. Three points! Lana gulps and licks her lips. She says that every bad move she's made has been answered with a hypocritical judgment from Clark. She says that no one can live up to Clark's "self-righteous standards," and asks if he knows how it feels to wake up every morning and know you're going to fail in the eyes of the only person you've ever really loved. So she didn't love several serious boyfriends and a husband before Clark? Were they just training wheels? Man. Lana sucks. "And you're the one who fell for Lex...and then fell for that killer," says Clark, pretty viciously. Lana's eyes fill with tears, and she looks away. Clark goes, but not before turning back and adding more salt to the wound: "I don't think it's me you can't face."

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