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Canary In A Coal Mine

Commercials. Oh, President Palmer. I still love you, even when you're still shilling for Allstate.

LuthorCorp. Lana is poking around in Papa Luthor's office. She finds a fancy envelope sealed with maroon wax. It looks like the letter "V," but I could be wrong. Lana runs her finger over the seal. Papa Luthor enters. "Well, aren't you clever? You managed to sneak in," he says. He asks whether she found anything interesting. Does Lana ever find anything interesting? Lana says that she didn't find anything linking Lex to Boy Editor's death, because she's not looking. Couldn't she have sent that as a text message? "Sry, nt intrstd - try pvt. vstgatr. Snd pzza." Papa, visibly frustrated, says that Lana's been lying to Clark. Lana says that Clark knows everything. Yeah, that's not entirely accurate. The stuff Clark doesn't know could fill a million encyclopedias. She says that Clark will know everything from now on. He's going to get Hooked on Knowledge. Lana says that Papa Luthor's cards are now off the table. Taking off his coat, Papa says, for like the billionth time, that Lana adopted more than just the Luthor name. Lana looks bored. Papa asks what happened to bringing Lex to justice. Lana says that justice sometimes comes at too high a price. She isn't willing to sacrifice her relationship with Clark to make Lex pay for his sins. Papa asks why she came. "I went to the edge and Clark pulled me back," says Lana. "I'm trying to do the same for you." Papa can't believe that Lana has his best interests at heart. Especially after she did a Misery on him. Lana says that it's not about him. It's about Lana! It's always about Lana! What show did you think you were on? Lana says that she's trying to change and be honest. She wants to be the kind of person that Clark can love again. "What game are you playing?" asks Papa. Lana says that Lex is proof of what obsession can do. Papa says that he knows his son better than Lana does. "No you don't!" she snaps. She tells him to be careful. Papa is uncharacteristically silent. He got p0wned by Lana? Please tell me I'm just imagining things.

Clock tower. Everything's broken. Lois is still tied up as Clark and Chloe enter. Clark asks what happened. "This crazy woman attacked us!" says Lois. Chloe notices all the exposed weaponry. Chloe asks why someone would attack Lois and Oliver. "Hey!" says Lois, grabbing Chloe and trying to divert her attention away from the arsenal. She mentions the spectacular view in a dumbshit attempt to hide Oliver's identity. "The view?" asks Chloe. She turns back toward the bows and arrows. Lois blabs about Oliver's hydraulic walk-in closet and says that it must be laundry day. Huh? Make sense, woman! Lois jokes about Oliver's archery hobby, and says she'd hide her quiver in the closet, too. The pain. Oh, God, the pain in my brain. Clark asks where Oliver went. She says she doesn't know. After she woke up, Oliver was gone.

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