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Canary In A Coal Mine

Lair of Lex. Black Canary, in her crazy costume, strides in. Lex, upstairs, says that it looks like she forgot a little green something at home. She says she won't hand Green Arrow over until Lex can prove how bad he is. Lex walks downstairs, saying that the plant break-ins would seem to be sufficient. She says that she's been doing some research: Lex's auto parts factory doesn't sell any auto parts and his tech factory doesn't distribute computers. Lex says that Black Canary has been buying into Green Arrow's propaganda. Canary has figured out that she's on the wrong side. She thinks that Lex was never going to hand Green Arrow over to the police. Without a word, Lex walks behind his desk, whips out a pistol, and points it at Black Canary. He says that he's not much for philosophical debate; he wants what he paid for. Canary says that she's not handing over Green Arrow. Lex fires the gun. It hits Black Canary in the left shoulder, knocking her down. "Where is he?" asks Lex. "Look over your shoulder," says a deep voice. Lex spins, and Green Arrow is there. They begin slap-fighting. Lex fires the gun, but misses. A henchman walks in the doorway just in time to get shot in the chest with one of Green Arrow's little arrows. More firing and slapping. It's the Gayest Fight of the Episode. Lex does a little pirouette. Wow. This isn't exactly The Matrix. It's not even one of those straight-to-video Van Damme jobs. Lex keeps firing his gun and missing. Another henchman walks in. Black Canary has recovered enough to grab his arm and take him out. I guess that wasn't much of a bullet wound. Green Arrow cracks Lex's arm and throws him, making him slide across the floor. Lex reaches for a second gun. He stands, holding them both. Green Arrow fires while Lex fires while Canary throws a knife. Everything freezes as Clark appears. He looks around and decides just to run across the scene, knocking bullets and weaponry out of the air. Clark sees a knife flying toward Lex and a bullet flying toward Canary. He only has time to knock one of them away. Clark decides to save Canary, pulling her out of the way. Lex lands with a crash. He is stabbed. He looks up at Green Arrow. "Better luck next time, Lex," Green Arrow tells him, walking right past the angry billionaire. Lex looks around the room and sees that everyone is gone. Surely, he suspects Clark.

Clock tower, daytime. Oliver picks up the photo of himself as a boy, being held by his parents. The picture frame is broken. He brushes away the glass and sets the photo up on his desk. He wanders around all the broken glass, staring at his weapons. "Oliver? Slash Green Arrow? Any other hyphenates I need to know about?" Lois asks. He says that's pretty much the biggie, and apologizes. He says that he never meant to hide his identity from Lois. Lois gets it. She says she knows Oliver was trying to protect her, and that it clears up a lot. She says it never made sense that he could blow off a hottie like her. He chuckles and says that's true. Getting serious, he says that, now that she knows, he was hoping they could work things out. He starts to make excuses for his commitments and says that on the weekends they know...hang. He asks Lois to give him another chance, promising, "I can make this work." Lois says that she can't. She doesn't think she can keep a secret, and she's no good at long-distance relationships. Lois breaks down and says that the real reason she can't is because she's selfish. She doesn't want to share Oliver with the rest of the world. She doesn't think she'd be good at "the whole dual-identity thing." She cries and hugs him. Oliver's pretty sad. He watches her go to the elevator. Lois looks wistful as the door closes. Awww. For once, I feel bad for dumbshit Lois.

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