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Canary In A Coal Mine

Commercials. It's time to do your taxes! As if this season hasn't been depressing enough.

The Talon, nighttime. Lois is in the apartment she presumably still shares with Chloe. The door isn't locked when Clark opens it. "Enter at your own caloric risk," says Lois. She's over by the fireplace, eating from a carton of ice cream. Clark asks how she's doing. Lois says she was hoping the metaphorically apt "Rocky Road" would help, but nada. Clark shoves his hands in his pockets, but he does it sympathetically. Lois says that she thought Boy Editor would help her get over Oliver (again, we're presuming that she doesn't know about his untimely death, or she wouldn't be so insensitive). She says that the moment she saw Oliver again, her feelings bubbled right back up. Clark wonders if things might still work out between the two of them. Lois says she knows Oliver better than Clark does, and that there are parts of him that Clark's never seen. Clark makes a face out of Lois's view. "That's a given," he says, trying to be funny. Lois says that Oliver has a side of him she's not sure she can live with. Clark wonders if she shouldn't give it a try. Lois says that she and Oliver are not Clark and Lana -- they're not the perfect couple, destined to be together. (Cough, cough, cough. I think I'm hacking up a hairball of truth.) Clark says that it isn't like Lois to give up when things get challenging. Lois says that this is different: her dad was a general (really? We hadn't heard) and that his job was always a lot more important than being a father. She understood that, but says that Oliver's life is challenging, too. Clark says that just because someone's life has "great responsibility," it doesn't mean Lois has to take second place. How about a distant third or fourth? "Of course is does, Clark," she says. Lois, really getting emotional, asks whether Clark knows what it's like to be with someone whose destiny is so much greater than yours that you'll never compete: "You will always be left behind." Acting! Clark squints with empathy, saying that would be hard for anyone. Lois, teary, says that she won't be left behind again. She says that there isn't room in Oliver's life for her where he's going. She knows that he'd never admit that, so she had to do it herself. She cries: "I can't face another heartbreak down the road." For once, Lois makes sense, acts on logic, and talks like a normal person. What have you done with the real Lois? Clark hugs her. Lois cries on Clark's shoulder. "Why settle for hot, rich, and famous when I can hang out with you?" Lois jokes. Clark smiles. Stop making me like you, Lois! It's annoying!

A Metropolis rooftop at night. There's a full moon. Clark joins Oliver. They both got a message from "Blondie." Clark says that he spoke to Lois, and that he's sorry about what happened. Clark wonders if Lois might get used to the whole dual-identity thing someday. "Like when?" Oliver asks. "When the Earth cracks open and time ticks backward?" Oh, clunk. Dinah shows up, wearing a black trenchcoat and matching wig, and thanks the two of them for coming. They hadn't gotten that far yet, sorry. She says that she has to eat a little crow: "Is it too late to ask for an apology?" "Apology accepted," says Clark. Uh, Clark...she was asking for an apology. Unless she misspoke, you're supposed to apologize to her. Maybe she misspoke. Silly bird. Dinah says that she won't be freelancing for Lex anymore, and that she's hanging up her fishnets. She says that she was out of her league, and will stick to being the Word of Justice on the airwaves. Oliver thinks it's a waste of talent. Clark thinks that Oliver and his crew could use a den mother. Uh, sexist much, Clark? Dinah says that she's not much of a team player. "That's perfect. You'll fit right in," Oliver says. Dinah asks about Clark. She says that ricocheting bullets off his back should earn him the secret handshake. Clark shakes his head. "Maybe someday," he says. Oliver leads Dinah away, saying that he has some people for her to meet. Dinah tells Oliver that he has lousy taste in women. Ouch! Give a brother some space! That one stings. Clark watches them go. He smiles.

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