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She-dogs and cave dwellers

Construction site. MamaKent arrives in a sleek black SUV. People are standing around chattering as she gets out of the car with Papa Luthor. He's got his cheek bandaged. Papa Luthor asks what's going on. There's some kid on the site that thinks he's a hero. It's Clark! And he is a hero! Standing around. Doing nothing. Papa Luthor says he's glad Clark saved his life and all, but -- what the fuck? MamaKent says she agrees with Clark standing around doing nothing in a vaguely protesting manner. Papa Luthor asks if she's willing to lose her job over this. "That's up to you," she tells him, and walks off. He calls her name a few times with differing dramatic effects. MamaKent goes to hug Clark. A bunch of trucks and other cars show up. It's the Native American brigade. Elder Dude greets Clark. He says Kyla Ho was right to believe in Clark. Can't they start construction now that Clark isn't in the way? Clark says he didn't save her. "You did what you could," Elder Dude says. Uh, yeah. I guess. Whatever, dude. Elder Dude says Kyla Ho had faith in Clark, and so does he. Whatever Clark's destiny, he offers Clark a gift. It's a silver and turquoise piece of jewelry that Kyla Ho wore, wrapped in a nice purple cloth. "For the true one in your life," he tells Clark. Um, Elder Dude? I don't know if you've ever tried giving a woman an ex-girlfriend's piece of jewelry, just ruined Clark's future life.

Lex walks up to Papa Luthor. They're both wearing sunglasses. Lex says his dad always told him to choose his battles wisely. Papa Luthor says he hopes he didn't use such an obvious cliché. Heh. Lex says he should have taken the offer. He presents a document showing that the area has been preserved by a state historical artifacts amendment. They're gonna buy Papa out at thirty cents on the dollar instead of the dollar on the dollar Lex offered. Screwed! Lexcorp secured the preservation rights to the area. Papa Luthor says he doesn't know what Lex is up to, but charity isn't in his blood. He says Lex found something valuable, and whatever it is, Papa Luthor will find it. Lex doesn't have to worry about money, though. He just invented magically disappearing and reappearing sunglasses.

In the cave. Lex is poking around. His flashlight swings mightily. He blows on the octagon hole. Rubs it with cloth. Oh, pretty octagon hole. Lex is gonna make you a happy bride someday. We pan up to the cave drawings. We zoom in on the one with Numan and the red snake creature. Like we didn't already know that Lex's snake was gonna wrap itself around Clark someday?

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