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We cut to an odd view of Jimmy from somewhere outside the kitchen window. Someone is watching him through a red filter infused with a primitive electronic scope. He's being watched by a Predator? It's actually a woman using very tiny binoculars. She smiles slightly, satisfied. By what, I have no idea. Maybe she's got a phone in her pocket that vibrates. Or she just likes seeing guys get their breakfast ruined.

Isis Foundation, daytime. Chloe is in the not-so-secret computer room, messing with a map like the one she was using recently to track energy surges. Clark walks in. He asks what's with all the boxes. Chloe says that now that she's house-sitting Isis, Oliver thought it would make a good bunker to store his troops' equipment. It seems rude that nobody asked Clark about that. Chloe jokes that having a gang of superheroes as friends is great, but nobody considers the shipping costs. I'm sure Oliver has the scratch to pay off some UPS bills. Chloe asks if Clark was able to get the Veritas key away from Lex. "I spent all night with Lana," Clark says. So that's a no, then. Nice job. Time well spent. Chloe reminds Clark that whatever's in the Zurich box will give Lex the power to control Clark. Maybe Lex will want Clark to snuggle up with comatose Lana all night, too. He's kind of perverted that way. "The only thing important right now is Lana," Clark says. Way to tell everybody the show's secret motto, Clark. It's hardly a surprise. Chloe agrees with Clark, even though he's being an idiot, but says that if Lex finds out Clark is The Traveler, it's Game Over for everybody. Including Lana. "Hello, apocalypse!" she says. "I don't care about Lex!" Clark says. Everybody at the gay bar is going to be really disappointed. Clark asks why they haven't found Braniac yet. Chloe lets her stress show a bit, asking if he thinks breaking national security laws is her idea of a good time. We've been led to believe that she does enjoy all that hacking quite a bit. But then the Chloe we're presented with this week doesn't jibe too well with the one we've been shown all this time. Clark apologizes and says he knows Chloe cares for Lana as much as he does. Maybe not that much. Chloe says they're running out of ground to cover. "Maybe we need to look to the sky," Clark suggests. Yeah, I was just saying that last week. But you guys never listen! Clark asks if they should use a "NASA-caliber" satellite. He wonders if something like that could have picked up their trail. Chloe goes along with the idea and wonders if they might left some "ionic displacement" in the atmosphere. To The Sharper Image catalog! Chloe says that hacking into government satellite systems is light years out of her league. Not exactly. I think we've seen her do it before. Clark thinks she can do it. Ya think? Chloe says she's stepping up to the majors. Clark says he wouldn't ask Chloe if it wasn't their last hope. Chloe says that while she's contending with outer space using an Intel processor, Clark can do it the old-fashioned way. With an abacus? She reminds Clark that Dr. Swann intercepted all of Jarnelle's transmissions. She thinks there might be something in there about Braniac. She asks Clark to peek at Dr. Swann's journal and see.

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