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Commercials. I'd be lying if I said Hancock doesn't look like it could be a lot of fun.

Isis. Chloe is standing next to a table packing a bag when Jimmy walks in without knocking. Secure! "Lunch! Right!" Chloe says, putting a hapless hand to her head. She tells Jimmy that today is so not her day for remembering to eat. I guess Jimmy could have stuffed a baggie full of wilted pancakes and brought them. But he didn't. Jimmy says it's no "Biggie" (nor baggie) and that she probably just didn't get the reminder text he sent. The what, now? Chloe says her phone's been on silent. In an office where you're all alone? Chloe says she's been blindsided by her job loss and has been packing up her whole life. Jimmy smiles, relieved, and says that would explain the late nights. Not really. A monster commute might, but not job-hunting. Jimmy starts to move toward her stuff, saying he's a pro at something or other, but Chloe stops him with a stern, "No, no, no!" She grimaces at her own tone. She says moving into Lana's office is a private thing. Maybe you shouldn't have someone stay overnight at your place if you're so private. Chloe's cell phone chimes with a new text. Jimmy is suitably perturbed that this text was heard so loudly. The text is from Clark. It says, "I found something." A directing gig, maybe? Chloe lies, badly, that it's a text from her building manager. He wants to discuss the rent. And he can't just walk in? Wait, which building? Not The Talon, right? Because that building manager would be Lex Luthor. Chloe says the guy wants to talk to her right now. Jimmy asks if it can't wait until after lunch. Chloe ushers Jimmy out and tells him it can't wait. Wow, Chloe is quite the dick in this episode. Lying badly and not even apologizing for it. They leave Isis without locking up behind them.

Stately Luthor Manor. Lex is throwing some files into an open briefcase on his desk. He's wearing a very nice suit. Lex holds up his goofy, oversized travel wallet. It holds credit cards, business cards, his passport and an inscription: "Travel Far, Son -- Dad." Ouch. That one hurt even me. Feel free to glance at your kitten picture if needed. A lackey shows up. Lex tells the dude to take his suitcase down to the limo. Lex can't carry it himself? The assistant, who is not a sexy librarian type like Va-Gina (not even the right sex), says that there's a problem with Lex's travel plans. Lex says that if it's the weather, they'll power through it. He says Zeus's right hand couldn't muster a storm that could stop him. Zeus says, "LEAVE MY RIGHT HAND OUT OF THIS! IT'S...UH...BUSY RIGHT NOW. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! GET OUT! I'M EATING BREAKFAST SAUSAGE!" The assistant, who remains out of focus for a long time, says it's not the Gods he's worried about: it's the government. The FAA says Lex has been "Red-flagged." Does that mean he's getting thrown out of a soccer match? Lex is told that it goes up to the highest level of government. "Then aim higher," he says, angrily. This red-flag subplot will soon be completely forgotten.

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