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Isis. Chloe sits at the command console, frustrated. "Nope. Nope," she says as she works. She keeps typing. She's trying to find a way into a building network when the screens suddenly change. There's a schematic for a skyscraper and then an invitation for a party that looks like it was pulled from MySpace. It's the grand opening for a nightspot called Ace of Clubs. Chloe makes a phone call. She leaves a message for Clark, whom she assumes is out of cell phone range, telling him that she may have found a satellite that has a read on Braniac. She says she can't hack in, but she may have found another way in. We flash on the invitation again. Party time! Before Chloe leaves the room, an alert pops up on the screen: "Warning: Files Not Secure." Something is duplicating files. Chloe asks who's playing Big Brother on her. She pulls up an IP trace that goes straight to "Jimmy Olsen." Jimmy used his own IP address to hack into Isis? IDIOT! Chloe asks why Jimmy is spying on her. To protect you? Sorta? It's not a very good reason, I assure you.

Jimmy pulls up in his ancient sedan to a gas station. He gets out to call Chloe and leave a message saying he thinks he's made a big mistake. He asks her to call him back. As he ends his call, Agent Spyder walks up. She warns Jimmy that if he tells Chloe what's going on, they'll both face treason charges. Jimmy says he did what she asked, but there's nothing suspicious going on at Isis. "Drop it," she tells him. Yeah, I'm not sure lying to a federal agent is the best course of action, bro. Spyder says that the IP trace revealed that Chloe has a plan and will be executing it tonight. Tonight, tonight? It's already dark. Are you sure? Jimmy is bewildered. "I need you to man-up right now," Spyder tells him. I'm glad somebody gave Jimmy this long-needed advice. Now somebody should tell it to Clark. She tells Jimmy that at any moment, Chloe should be inviting him to a bar called Ace of Clubs. She says it would be too conspicuous for Chloe to show up alone. A girl going to a fancy bar by herself? That would just be crazy! "Wear it," she tells Jimmy, as she hands him a black bowtie. She says it has a fiber optic camera so she can keep an eye on things. Jimmy asks if it's so that they can both watch his girlfriend drink cosmos until she finds her inner Shakira. I would...I'd like to see that, actually. Spyder tells Jimmy that the building is secure and that the club is just a way inside. "Watch her like a hawk," she warns. A spyhawk. Spyder tells Jimmy to find Chloe's target and to get to it before she does. Jimmy agrees. "Piece of cake," he says. That sounds like a really difficult cake.

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