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The Smallville Sleeps Tonite

Scary Movie 3. It's not worth it, trust me.

Kent Farm from sky-high. We crane down to the porch, where Clark is sitting with a coffee cup, trying to figure out what's going on in that weird brain of his. Bo and MamaKent emerge from the front door and ask if he's been up all night. Clark says he's afraid to go to sleep. Because he's Heather Langenkamp. Clark says the dream was so real that he wants to go check up on Dreamy Girlinperil. Bo, as always, advises Clark to be careful, since he was out for thirty-six hours. You know, as the platitude says, sleeping for thirty-six hours is like sleeping eighteen hours twice. Remember that, Clark. Clark asks if the girl might be keeping him asleep. Bo says that weird shit goes on around here and, again, advises Clark to be careful. Bo asks Clark to ignore one of the golden rules and stay away from the neighbors. If they ask for a cup of sugar? Burn them with your eyes.

Hay to bale. Clark is moving hay around, which seems like the only chore he's ever qualified to do around the farm. Lana shows up, wearing that same tiny pink top that's out of season, as was the entire opening at the lake. Lana says she's missed Clark at school the last few days. Clark says he hasn't been feeling well. Lana says he looks a little tired. Can Clark suffer from sleep deprivation? Lana suggests sleep, because she's brilliant, and Clark says, "No!" with alarm. Whatever. Lana gives Clark his homework. In dreams, Lana goes naked in the lake. In reality, she brings over homework and suggests the obvious. Real-life Lana sucks. That History exam can be made up with a note from Clark's parents, Lana says. Clark says she's the best. No, Dream Lana is the best. This Lana's defective. Clark starts to tell Lana about his dream. She asks what it was about. "This girl..." Clark says and Lana goes, "Oh!" I guess we're stuck with this Lana. Clark says she needed help. Lana snidely says she guesses Clark had to save the girl. Clark explains about the girl moving into Lana's old place, and how she'd never met her but was dreaming about her. Lana suggests that Clark tell her about his dream, and they walk through it together. One more step in the de-male-ification of Clark: "You don't think I'm nuts?" he asks. He's not even McNulty. Lana says no. Lana asks where he saw her. Clark says it was at Crater Lake, and that Lana was there. What were they doing? "Nothing!" Clark says. He's slick, that Clark. Lana suggests that they go see Dreamy Girlinperil themselves. With no regard to his parents' wishes, Clark smiles and doop-de-doops on over.

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