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Mystery Sinus Theater

Nighttime at Lex's castle. Lana picks up the forbidden remote control on Lex's desk. She stares again at the surveillance video of herself undressing. Lana is an autovoyeur! She likes to watch...herself. Wait, that's a narcissist. Lex walks in. His arm's in a sling. Lana says that, when she moved in, Lex forgot to mention that she'd be living with Big Brother. Lex says that those are just security cameras, for safety. Lana plays the part with her undressing again: "Was I breaching security when I was alone in my bedroom?" My wife asks why Lana cares if Lex sees her naked if they're dating and have presumably done the deed. But then, I was taping my wife undressing long before we were dating. Lex says that Lana has the wrong idea. He's not taping this for himself. It's for the internet. Geez, girl! So quick to rush to judgment! Lex says that he would never invade Lana's privacy like that. Lana says that he already has, adding that the cameras go or she does. "The camera in your room will be down within the hour," says Lex. But the rest of them? They stay. Lex says that Lana is free to make other arrangements: "This is the way I live. And it's not going to change." Yeah, the first thing you should do after your boyfriend is kidnapped and shot in the arm is make sure he gets rid of his security cameras. Lana's so smart. S-M-A-R-R-T. Don't try to control him! He's a magic man!

Metropolis at night. Oliver's clock tower building. Wussy Guy shows up to report what happened. Wussy Guy finds Oliver on the rooftop. As soon as he opens the door, an arrow hits the wall next to Wussy Guy. Oliver, looking through the lens of a big crossbow, says that they were only supposed to use violence if they were in danger. Wussy Guy says that his partner went rogue, and that he'd have been killed, too. Oliver says that he's going to have to be more careful who he trusts. He comes around the corner, in a smart white suit, and asks about his old buddy Lex. Wussy Guy says that Lex's powers are clearly gone. But he adds that someone else in the warehouse seems to have other abilities. "Find him," Oliver says. He turns. "How about Borneo?" Oliver says, as Wussy Guy exits. Oliver shoots an arrow. It flies high in the air, past the full moon. The arrow hits the Daily Planet globe right in the Borneo. Nice aim, pretty-boy!

Next week: Oliver, man in tights.

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