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Win A Car While MamaKent Dies

The ice fortress! "I'll tear this place down, piece by piece," Clark says. Yeah, you go do that. Way to be efficient. Clark asks where he should start. "Right here," SoFine says, holding out an ice dildo. Oh, you sick bastard. It's big and black and just Clark's type. SoFine says that when Clark puts it in the console (is that what the kids are calling it these days?), Jarnelle and his ice fortress will be no more. He'll die of shame. SoFine says that the self-destruction mechanism was Zod's, but that Zod was a man of peace and would only use it as a last resort. Clark holds the ice dildo like a vampire stake (yes, we get the reference) and says, "You'll never hurt my family again!" He jabs the black ice dildo into a chamber. So...big! Everything around Clark and SoFine glows red and begins to shake. Oh no, a blood vessel burst! Clark starts to feel weak all of a sudden. It's because SoFine is holding a piece of Kryptonite. "I couldn't have done it without you!" SoFine says, suddenly eeeeeevil. He claims that Clark is the only one who could affect the fortress. SoFine says that now that Clark's done his part, he's just a petty annoyance. I'll agree on the annoyance part. Clark figures out that SoFine, immune to the rock, must not be Kryptonian. SoFine says that he was built by a Kryptonian: "But I'm a whooooole lot smarter. You are free, General Zod!" SoFine backs Clark onto a flat surface and keeps the meteor rock held over our Big, Dumb Alien. SoFine says that Zod is the one true Kryptonian, and that Zod can finally rid Earth of the "scourge of humans." Aw, but what about Frisbee golf? That's kind of fun! Don't get rid of that! Clark, hobbled, figures out that everything SoFine said about Jarnelle was actually about Zod. Clark also figures out that it was SoFine who poisoned MamaKent. SoFine says that Clark's giving up his Kryptonian heritage for a single human makes him a pathetic disgrace. He lays the rock on Clark's chest and bids Clark goodbye. Yeah, just leave the hero alone, why don't you? A portal opens on one of the ice walls. SoFine greets Zod and welcomes him to his new home.

Chloe in the caves. She calls for Clark. He's gone. She goes to the table and finds the octagonal key. She lifts it up and re-inserts it. Bright light. Chloe goes travellin'.

Chloe at the fortress. She sees all hell breaking loose, but goes to Clark first. As SoFine has his back turned and his superhearing set to "Low," Chloe chucks the meteor rock away from Clark. Clark gets up and removes the black dildo from its hole. Awww. We see a flat square disc flying toward us from the portal, but all that disappears as soon as the dildo is free. Chloe, freezing, watches from a corner. SoFine charges at Clark, but Clark spins and sends SoFine flying in the same direction, past him. SoFine flies in slow motion across the fortress. Clark goes to Chloe. SoFine zips back over to them. His eyes glow orange. He eyejaculates at Clark, sending him flying. Clark lands on some ice shards. SoFine grabs the black dildo and tries to stab Clark with it. Clark resists. Clark gives a mighty push, sending SoFine flying again. SoFine falls backward, landing right on the sharp ice crystal holders. He is impaled. To prove their point, the clear crystals extend through his chest. SoFine loses his grip on the mighty black ice dildo. Clark approaches him. SoFine turns his head to look at Clark. There's blood coming out of his mouth. And eye. Eww. SoFine disappears in a flash of light.

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