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Win A Car While MamaKent Dies

Cut to Lex's Warehouse o' Spaceship. The ship disappears in a flash in much the same way SoFine did.

At the Kent home, MamaKent wakes up suddenly. She looks perfectly healthy. She and Bo hug. "It's gone!" she says. They kiss. Thanks, Blue Star Ointment!

Fortress. Chloe and Clark give each other serious looks.

Commercials. We get a preview of Superman Returns, and I'm not going to recap it; I'll just say that they don't give all that much away, we don't see Lex Luthor, and the barn looks quite a lot like the one from this show. Go download it if you're really curious.

We return with really a lovely scene, well-shot, of Clark and MamaKent talking in the barn. The door is open and they stand in silhouette as the rain falls behind them. I don't know who ordered this composition, but it really is beautiful. Shelby's even there. Clark asks if MamaKent's all right. MamaKent says that rainstorms smell great after you thought you'd never see one again. Clark mumbles that he can't imagine life if she were gone. MamaKent says he'd learn to move on. Clark says that his father's given so much that he could never measure it. "But you're my heart. My soul," Clark says, sweetly. MamaKent, clearly touched, says she doesn't plan to go anywhere for a long time. "Good," Clark says. They hug tightly. Clark still looks worried.

Inside. Chloe sits in front of the Kent couch, Shelby at her side. No Lana? Hey, I'm not complaining. The fireplace is going and she looks pretty cozy. She says she'll have to remember to bring a parka next time she goes up there. Clark brings her a warm drink and asks how she got to the fortress. Chloe says that he left the key at the cave. She warns him to be more careful. Clark takes the octagon from her and sits beside her. Clark says heavily that SoFine claimed human beings were unreliable: "He obviously didn't know you very well." Chloe says that "Roboprofessor" knows as much about human nature as R2-D2. I think R2 is a pretty good judge of character, actually. Chloe asks what SoFine was. She saw him materialize out of nuts and bolts from the spaceship. Nuts and bolts? Clark figures he was some sort of Kryptonian artificial intelligence. Chloe asks what he wanted with Clark. To free Zod. Zod, bitches! Clark asks how Chloe got on SoFine's trail. Chloe says that Clark isn't going to like it, but that she got it from Papa Luthor. Clark asks how Papa knew about SoFine. "I have no clue," Chloe says. She hopes Papa doesn't know about the spaceship, and suggests that Clark go get a hold of it before someone else does. What's Clark going to do with the ship? Clark says he already checked the warehouse. The ship is gone. Oops. Chloe says that the "master of the shell game" must have moved it. "Or," Clark says, "I have a bigger problem than I thought." Worried looks. Uh oh. SoFine is SoAlive.

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