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Win A Car While MamaKent Dies

Lair of Lex. Lex is at the piano, looking dejected. Papa Luthor comes in. He asks what Lex's urgent message is about. He puts his hands on Lex's shoulder, but Lex pulls away. Lex mutters that he thought Papa was past his kleptomania stage. Papa, a bit annoyed, says that if Lex is implying thievery, he has no interest in Lex's "baubles and trinkets." Lex says that Papa Luthor seemed interested in what was in his warehouse. Lex asks what Papa did -- pay off security, bribe his scientists? Papa seems disappointed that Lex lost his most prized possession. He lectures Lex on not keeping an eye on the things he values most. "I want it back now!" Lex snaps. Papa says that he had nothing to do with this "unfortunate heist." Man, that guy can act. Genius! Lex says he doesn't know what happened to Papa Luthor during the meteor shower, but that he thinks Papa is more connected to the ship than he ever realized. Papa advises Lex to be careful, because he's a fragile man. "I don't want to see you shattered again by your delusions --" Lex interrupts him by holding his father's head between his hands. Lex gives his father the stare-down, and then lets him go and walks off. Ominous music plays. Papa walks over to the piano and plays three notes. Figaro?

Daily Planet. Lois walks in uninvited and goes to Chloe, hoping she dug up some dirt on Lex -- even a parking ticket. Chloe says that Lex keeps his dirty laundry in a cast-iron hamper. Lois says she's been thinking that the power of public office is going to make Lex want to rule the world someday. Chloe suggests that Lois do something about it. Lois says she doesn't plan to raid any more warehouses after Chloe only found a bunch of fertilizer in there. Chloe smiles and say it wasn't a complete waste of time. Lois bitches about a scratch on her car, the 2006 Ford Fusion, built for the body repair ahead. Chloe says that Lois got to experience the thrills and chills of journalism. Yeah, it's just like that every single day. Whee! "Thanks but no thanks," Lois says. She doesn't know how Chloe does it, chasing leads that go nowhere: "I'd never be able to let go." Chloe smiles knowingly. "That's usually how it starts," she tells Lois. Superman music plays as Lois gets tingly at that, and turns to look at the giant Daily Planet logo on the wall behind her. Oh, jeez. Lois smiles.

Kent barn. Clark is once again holding the octagonal key in his hand. Bo approaches. He puts a hand on his son's shoulder. Bo asks how Clark is holding up. Clark is upset at how gullible he was about SoFine. Bo says he'd have done the same thing in an effort to save MamaKent. Bo says the best thing would be to put this behind them and get on with their lives. Clark's not so sure; Jarnelle's warning is still out there. Bo says that SoFine was to blame for MamaKent's illness and that, for all they know, Jarnelle might never do anything to them. Clark says that Janelle's not the type to let things go. Bo says that when it comes right down to it, we won't all be around forever. Look at the cows. They'll be hamburger meat soon, but they're happy, happy, happy! Be the cow, Clark! Bo says that they should live life to the fullest and spend as much time as possible with the people they love. Until we reach the Great Platitude Book in the Sky. "You're right," says Clark. "Yeah," says Bo, and then a crushingly ominous sound takes us to blackout, signaling...yep, Bo will soon be hamburger meat himself. But, hey, I know no spoilers; I'm just going by the big old hint here.

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