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Win A Car While MamaKent Dies

Kent home. SoFine examines MamaKent's gruesomely colorful arm. Bo bellows that SoFine's not a doctor, and that what they need is medical attention. He tells SoFine just to get out of his way so that he can take MamaKent to the hospital, which you'd figure he'd have already done by now. Clark tells Bo that the doctors can't help. SoFine asks MamaKent if she fell unconscious a day and a half before. "Yes, exactly," she says. Bo tells Clark to go get the truck. SoFine stands and tells Bo that if doctors puncture MamaKent's skin or use medication, she could die instantly. Why not try Robitussin? Bo asks why he should trust SoFine. "He's Kryptonian," says Clark. "This could be a Kryptonian disease." It's a Kryptonian thing, Bo, you wouldn't understand. MamaKent suddenly seizes, shaking as she sits on the couch. Bo asks what's happening. SoFine asks if they have a meteor rock handy. It's in the pantry next to the Pop-Tarts. Clark yells for Bo to go get the rock from a closet. Clark and SoFine get out of the way as Bo brings the little box over. "Hold it to her forehead," SoFine says. Bo takes out the glowing meteor rock and places it on her head. He tells her to breathe. Breathe, damn you! Live! MamaKent calms down. Clark says it's working. SoFine cheers everybody up by saying that's not true. There is no cure, and all the rock is doing is easing her pain. Hey, did you hear the one about Alexander the Great and how he...oh, too soon? Sorry. SoFine says that in a matter of hours, Clark's Earth mother will be dead. Foreboding music plays. MamaKent's still not looking too healthy.

Front porch. Clark says he's leaving to go see Jarnelle. SoFine says that Clark's biological dad is only going to feed him more lies. Mmm, lies. Bo asks angrily whether Clark's biological dad is responsible for this. Sorta? Bo asks Clark what's going on, as SoFine goes inside to see what's in the fridge. Clark says that when he was brought back to life, Jarnelle said that someone would have to die in exchange. "So he is going after your mother," Bo reasons. He asks why Clark didn't mention this sooner. Clark says he didn't want them to worry. Well, we're worried now, dammit! Bo says that Clark is the only one who can stop this, so he tells him to go on and do something. "I won't let him kill her," Clark says. "Don't," Bo advises, sagely. Clark superzips out of the scene. Bo wonders if SoFine already ate all the fried chicken from the fridge.

Commercials. Hey, you can win stuff! In fact, you could win a 2006 Ford Fusion! The only downside is that if you win, you have to drive a 2006 Ford Fusion. The commercial says you have to identify the song playing when Lois is driving the Ford Fusion (infused with mechanical parts that move!), but since we haven't gotten to that scene yet, you probably should hold off.

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