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Win A Car While MamaKent Dies

Clark's college. SoFine is walking seriously through campus as Chloe, wearing a not-at-all-inconspicuous beige trench coat, pretends to make a phone call. Why does SoFine walk at all if he can just zip everywhere? Chloe hangs up the pay phone, and we realize that her coat is missing the bottom half. So, does this mean Chloe is investigating SoFine? I guess that's what the investigative coat was all about.

Kent farm. Home to no vineyards that we know of. Clark walks in to the living room as MamaKent lies with the Kryptonite on her chest. She removes it when Clark comes in and puts it in its protective box. Sad music plays as they have a heart-to-heart. The skin stains have spread to her neck and the side of her face. She asks Clark for a smile. Geez, Ma, this isn't exactly party time, you know? Clark asks if he can get her anything. MamaKent says that she knows what's happening and that she's more than ready to give up her life for Clark. Clark tells her not to talk like that. She tells Clark that he's given her so much happiness, and that she doesn't know what she would have been without him. Clark mutters that he's the reason all this is happening. She tells him never to feel guilty about the situation. She says she wouldn't have it any other way. Except maybe for the "excruciating pain and dying" part. She says that Clark is a wonderful man now. A super guy, even. "My job is done," she says. Clark says it's not. For one thing, the laundry is piling up and there are dishes and...oh, there goes the flaring pain again. Clark tells her to fight. "I love you, Clark," she says. Clark looks like he might cry. MamaKent says that just because she's gone doesn't mean her love goes with her: "I'll always be in your heart. Always." Wanna shed a tear, Clark? No? All right. No pressure. Clark says that he's not going to let her die. "Baby," she tells him. Glycerin? Visine Tears? No? You're going to try to do it with acting? Whatever you say there, buddy.

A moonlit night. We fly over the swirling Daily Planet sign, which looks a lot less CGI-animated in the evening. Chloe has a university profile web page about SoFine on her computer when Lois walks in. Lois hands her a paper bag and what looks like a container of soup as she asks for a favor: she wants Chloe to write an exposé on Lex Luthor. Chloe says that would be great, if she could find any evidence of wrongdoing or a source that would talk. Lois says that there has to be something. Chloe says that Lex has plenty of sex, lies and videotape in his vault, but she says the key is under his pillow. We need Clark for this! Chloe asks why Lois is suddenly interested in taking down Lex. Lois says she's sick and tired of people who think they can buy elections. With their own money that they put on the line? Yeah, that's damn near undemocratic, Lois. Lois adds that he called her a "muffin peddler." Chloe laughs that this is all about Lois having her feelings hurt. Pretty much. Lois wonders if Chloe has something on her little hard drive that could help. Chloe looks at her computer screen and remembers that SoFine is doing research into LuthorCorp. "Clark's professor?" Lois asks. She can't believe he's going to college either. Chloe mentions that she followed the professor to a warehouse owned by Lex. Shouldn't they have shown us that instead of Chloe at a phone booth on campus? Lois asks what Chloe saw. She says that Lex's security team kept her far away. Ha. Security. Lois suggests that now that Chloe has her "trusty sidekick" by her side, they should try again. They both get up and leave immediately. Oh, don't worry about those obits, Chloe. Someone else will do them, surely. Chloe doesn't even bother to log out or take down what's on her computer monitor.

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