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The barn. Shortly before midnight. Clark has apparently decided against going back inside Lana's apartment right after she threw somebody out of it. I mean, it's not like he has superpowers or anything. Clark looks around the barn, and the three Witches of East-Smallville are standing up in the loft. Countess Lana says that Clark's early, and asks if he's planning something devious. He asks what they did to Lex and Jason. Well, let's see. They're witches. I'm thinking something in a spell of sorts. Countess Lana says that it's nothing compared to what they'll do to him. Briana-Lois chants, "Sorry 'bout your belly" as she makes a huge wooden wheel smack Clark right in the belly, sending him flying across the barn. He picks himself right up as the witches some down to meet him. He tells them that this needs to stop before things get out of hand. There's already a goth dude in town, even if we've never seen him, and the movement must be contained!

Countess Lana notices that Clark is more than just fast. She says that'll make this more exciting. Maddie-Chloe smiles and steps forward. "In Chile!" she cries and sends a bunch of flying axes, knives, circular saw blades, and other sharp implements flying at Clark. Clark's eyes glow red and he mini-fireballs all of them out of the air. Nice work, starfighter! The witches look surprised. Clark says he doesn't want to hurt anyone. Countess Lana says his magics are impressive. "'Magics'?" Clark asks. Uh oh, it's magics! Countess Lana says hers are, too. "Everwood day!" she calls and uses her purple orb to pick Clark up into the air. Clark gasps and struggles as he's held suspended in the air. Countess Lana says they've come too far to be stopped by some farmboy and his tricks. But sometimes turning tricks is all a farmboy has! She lets Clark drop to the ground with a thud. Maddie-Chloe and Briana-Lois come over to hold Clark down. He suddenly has a bunch of cuts and nicks on his face. They say he's very powerful. Countess Lana says maybe they should rid him of his powers. Good plan. That's why she's in upper management. Clark uses his mojo to tell Maddie-Chloe that he knows she's somewhere in there. "Clark?" she asks in her normal voice. Clark asks for help. Maddie-Chloe thinks about it for a second, and then cackles loudly. Briana-Lois joins in. At this very moment, my wife, who hasn't seen this episode or the promos for it at all, walks into the room and says (and I’m quoting exactly here): "What the hell? Is this Charmed?"

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