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In the Barnness of Post-Witchitude, Clark is taking down party decorations. He finds a pair of red thong panties. "At least those aren't mine," says Lana, suddenly appearing. Of course they're not. Why would Lana wear something like that? "Hey Lana," says Clark. Yay. A Clark and Lana barn scene. And I thought this episode couldn't get any worse. Lana thanks Clark for rescuing her. Clark says it's good to have the old Lana back. He says that Isabelle was... "aggressively sexy." Lana is disappointed that it wasn't an ancient librarian. "Great," she says, "possessed by an evil slut." She tells Clark she knows he didn't get Jason fired. She says she should have known he wouldn't do that. Clark says he wasn't thrilled that Jason and Lana were dating, but that he realized that the way he acted when he and Lana were together didn't make her happy. Lana says she resented Clark's keeping secrets. She doesn't want to do the same thing to Clark. She tells Clark about the tomb and the symbol and the flash of light. She shows Clark her tattoo. He sticks his hand out to touch it, but hesitates. Clark recognizes the symbol from the cave wall. Lana says she should have told him months ago, but was scared. She asks Clark what the symbol means. Clark averts his eyes. "No," he lies, "I'm sorry." Lana studies his eyes looking to see if he's lying. He totally is. Asshat.

The caves. A flashlight shines on the symbol on the wall. It's Lex. He stares at the symbol. We go to black.

Next week: Lex in a bed. That's about all you should need to want to tune in, even if he's there with a psycholady.

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