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Commercials. Birds love Mentos. Even if Mentos, you know, kill them and stuff.

Damn. Getting drunk didn't work. I can still feel pain. Anyway...oh, yeah. This other plot. Jason is leading Sheriff Cheshire to the scene of the Margot Kidder burial. Remember? The one that was a lame sendoff? Jason and the sheriff are carrying flashlights. Jason is completely amazed that the body is gone. "It was right here, next to this rock," he says. Stupid, stupid rock! Yep, Lex's crack security team was going to just leave a foot sticking out, right? Dumb-ass. Jason says that they must have put up this here gazebo nearby. The sheriff says helpfully that the gazebo had been there since before the Luthors came to Smallville. Oops. The sheriff tells Jason that she likes a good murder mystery, but that you can't have one without a victim, and she can't find that Margot Kidder's character ever existed. It's as if...she were wiped clean from the show! Jason goes wide-eyed with disbelief. The sheriff says she even did a Google search, and it kept asking her if she meant "Bing Crosby." Ha! Jason asks if she questioned the gardener who found the body. She says she questioned the entire landscaping staff. Jason says that Lex has either paid them off or is intimidating them. "Or you're yanking my rope," says the sheriff. Why, Sheriff Cheshire! How dare you! She tells him that next time he says there's a murder, she'd "better see a stiff." Well. All right then. Go be dirty, then. Jason looks at her in horror at the prospect of ever having to produce a stiff for her.

We cut to the sheriff driving off. Jason gets into his car. He makes a phone call. "Hello, mother," he says. "Oh, it's done. Lex took care of the body just like we wanted." He tells his mother he loves her, and hangs up. Then, just to be cute, he opens a little box and pulls out one of the Gay Stones of Knowledge. Never mind that Lex probably has him under surveillance.

Ah, the prom. Hey, is that Lifehouse? I love those guys! Wait, who's Lifehouse again? Lots of band shots. We don't care. Honestly, we don't. Lois, her two friends, and Clark arrive at the prom. She squees at how great the prom is, and tells Clark he's going to have so much fun. He's still being mopey. Lois leaves Clark to go get some punch. She's not really pushing the Poor Man's Paris character as much as Lois and MamaKent did. We see Lois go over to where the prom crowns are kept. She puts a hand to her chest to make sure everything is still in place. Yep. Still defying gravity. There's a tiara and scepter. Is this a wicked scepter I see before me?

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