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Back at school, we see a flyer for PMP for Prom Queen. We pan over as the banner committee and the stars subcommittee are hanging stuff up. "Looking great, guys!" says PMP-as-Lana. Lana annoyingly walks through the crowd, advising people not to use too little tape. She grabs a posterboard from someone's hand, pissed, and takes it to PMP's friend Harmony, informing her that the poster is supposed to be cotton-candy pink, not seafoam green. Harmony is impressed by the PMP impression. The girl next to her says that Lana has the queen bitch control-freak down pat. Lana scoffs. She asks what that's supposed to mean. Harmony asks where PMP is. Friend-of-Harmony asks who cares; they'll get more done without her. Lana sneers. With the lips and everything. She throws down the poster and storms off.

Not-at-all sneakily, Lana spots Butt Affleck going toward the boys' locker room. "You worked up quite a sweat!" she calls, heading toward him. He's surprised to see her decorating. In her annoying PMP voice, Lana says she heard the dude got over PMP pretty quick. Butt Affleck tells her that he couldn't stand to be with her another second. He says that her voice was like nails on a chalkboard, know what I mean? "NO!" Lana screams, "I don't know what you mean!" He's like, "Uh...okay." Lana suggests that he get cleaned up so that they can hang out and get to know each other better. He smiles. "Be right back," he tells her. Lana flounces off. She finds a big cleaning apparatus in the hallway and somehow pulls the plug of it out with her bare hands. It sparks with electricity.

Clark rounds the corner in the hallway. He finds Chloe and asks her if she's seen Lana. Chloe says that the only people around are prom committee people spreading their "prom-aganda." Clark explains to Chloe about his mom acting weird, then Lana being "not herself." Chloe says that if Lana's decorating for prom, that definitely falls under altered states. Clark has no idea what that means.

Locker room. I'm terrible about spotting these sorts of things, but luckily, our forum posters caught that the actor playing Butt Affleck was also Troy Turner in "Shimmer" and died at the beginning of "Redux." So yay for recycling actors who played dead characters. Butt Affleck is shirtless and finishing up his grooming. He closes his locker door and sees Lana standing there. She holds up her electrical cord, which now has three conduits. How the hell did she drag that plugged-in cord all the way in here? "Nobody breaks up with Dawn Stiles!" she announces, all nasally. She touches the cord to the lockers, sending a blue wave to where the dude is standing in a towel. He's electrocuted. The lights in the hallway flicker as Clark is still standing around looking confused. We cut back to Lana making a getaway. Chloe turns and sees that Clark has disappeared. Clark superzips into the locker room, grabs the dude's hand, and separates it from the locker. Wouldn't his hand be welded to it by now? Clark looks around. He sees Lana leaving the room. Lana, in the hall, touches some Asian dude just as Clark comes up to confront her. Asian Dude walks, looking evil, until he touches an older teacher lady. Teacher lady stops, then smiles with evil intent. Teacher Lady touches the very cute Harmony. Harmony walks down the hall, finally in heels and a body similar to that which she's accustomed. Harmony walks right past Clark and Lana as he's telling Lana that she was just in the boys' locker room. Ew! Lana doesn't remember anything. We go to commercials as Harmony walks in slow motion and gives the camera a dirty look. Well, screw you, too!

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