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Lair of Lex. Papa Luthor walks up to Lex, who's sitting by the fireplace. Man, do you hear that? This music is loud! Can they even hear each other? Lex is bruised and sad. "Hmm, those Kents, they pack quite a punch, don't they, son?" Papa asks cheerily. He suggests avoiding press conferences. Papa suggests that a front-page story saying Lex was beat up by a jealous young lover won't help his bid for office. So many jokes...not enough space! Can't! Process! It all! I can't figure out if Papa is alluding to an actual story or saying a story might run in the future. Lex takes umbrage and suggests he doesn't need political advice. Papa counters that, the last time he checked, Lana had a boyfriend and wasn't in the market for a spare. Ouch! That stops Lex cold. He tells Papa to leave. Papa Luthor sagely says that this campaign isn't about power or serving the greater good: it's about Lex's need to change the way people perceive him. Papa says that even if Lex is president, it won't make any difference; those closest to Lex will always know what's in his heart. Lex takes a drink of his liquor, but it goes down just as sourly as what he's hearing. "That's why Lana Lang will never love you, son," Papa Luthor concludes simply. Lex is completely stupefied. Papa lets himself out. Goddamn, that was cold. That's why he's a magnificent bastard, I guess.

Kent kitchen. Clark tells the folks he's still trying to figure out what was real and what wasn't. Bo says that sending Clark out to a lab for testing wasn't real. Clark apologizes for tearing their shit up. He says that, no matter whom he trusts, he'll still have to worry about having his secret come out. Bo says that's the reason he's decided not to run for office against Lex. Clark looks disappointed. He says he won't let fear control his life or ruin Bo's. He wants Bo to run. "It's the right thing to do," he adds. He says that if anything happens, they'll deal with it together, as a family. Homespun music plays. Loudly. Bo puts his hand on Clark's shoulder. Thanks for permission, son.

The Barnness of Kryptonconferencing. SoFine is waiting for Clark in the loft. SoFine asks "Kal-El" how he's feeling. "So I didn't imagine that part," Clark guesses. Clark says he thought he was the last son of Krypton, but "you people keep popping up." It's like relatives when you're rich, yo. Mo' money, mo' problems, Kal. SoFine chuckles. He says that a superior civilization is hard to eradicate. Clark asks why he's there. SoFine says it's to help stop what's coming. Uh...what is coming? SoFine is also there to help Clark walk the path of the True Kryptonian. For one thing, stop fucking lying all the time. Clark says he's not interested in being "superior." SoFine asks Clark why he trusts humans more than his own people. Clark says that he's going by what he's seen. SoFine suggests looking closer. Clark asks why SoFine posed as his professor. SoFine asks why Clark keeps his secret, even from the woman he loves. SoFine says he had to observe Clark to see how influenced he'd been by "these...humans." Clark says that SoFine says it like it's a bad thing. SoFine says that's what he's seen. He says that humans show promise, but that they're still duplicitous. Clark says that they can be petty and dishonest, but also honest and loyal and protective. Even to someone from another planet. So it's a wash, then? "Kal-El," SoFine tries to reason. "My name is Clark," says Clark. And he's no Earl. Clark lectures that he'll always believe in his friends and family. SoFine hopes that trust isn't misplaced. He tells Clark that he knows where to find SoFine when he's ready to accept the truth. The righteous truth! Clark, looking up at the sky, sees clusters of stars.

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