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Paranoid Man-droid

Bo and MamaKent, more shaken than stirred, get up. Chloe asks MamaKent if she's all right. Hey, how about some concern for Big Bo over here, little lady? He's got a bent trachea or something. "How long have you known about Clark?" MamaKent asks, a bit angrily. "Since last year," she answers. Bo asks how much Clark told her. "Well, everything...I think," Chloe tells them. She says that's how she knew about the Kryptonite hidden in the barn. She says she heard all the commotion inside. Did the commotion really last long enough for her to run to the barn, get the rock, and come back? Signs point toward no. MamaKent asks why Clark is acting this way. Chloe tells them about Clark's freak-out at The Daily Planet. MamaKent thinks it must be red Kryptonite. Bo thinks it's somehow different. "Red Kryptonite?" Chloe asks, curiously. "There's another kind of Kryptonite. It's red instead of green," MamaKent offers. Well, that explains that. MamaKent says that the red stuff makes Clark act unpredictably. "What about silver Kryptonite?" Chloe asks. Bo makes a weird little face. "Silver?" he asks. Is that anything like beige?

Lana's dorm room. Lana walks in and is shocked when Clark appears, pulling her into a hug. He looks sweaty and freaked-out, and says he's been waiting for her. He pulls out a tiny overnight bag from her closet and tells her to pack all her stuff. Hee. Lana asks where they're going. "Up north," he says. "I know a place." Clark thinks she'll have to learn to speak Canadian. ["She shouldn't find it too hard." -- Wing Chun] Lana asks what's going on. "They turned against me," Clark says. "Who?" Lana asks. You, everybody. Lana says that whatever Clark's parents and Chloe did, it can't be that bad. They totally flamed him on a message board. Unforgivable! Clark mumbles, "She's coming. She's coming. Chloe's coming." Wait. Chloe got to the dorms in Metropolis almost as fast as Clark did? Yeah, except no. "I'll come back to you, I'll find you," Clark promises. Lana pulls out her phone to call Clark's parents.

Then Lana, rooted to the spot, sees Chloe coming to the door. She's not sure what to do. Chloe asks if Clark is there. It's a tiny dorm room; can't you just look around? "Why?" Lana asks, backing away. Chloe asks whether Clark touched the silver rock. Lana doesn't answer. "He's been here, hasn't he?" Chloe asks. Well, he did have about three hours on you, Chloe. Chloe gives Lana the stare-eyes, which totally breaks her down in under three seconds. "He told me not to trust you," Lana snitches. Chloe explains to Lana that Captain Paranoid might be freaking out because of the silver rock. Lana thinks, "Silver? Is that anything like pink?" Lana remembers that Clark pricked his finger on the rock. Chloe tells her that Clark's been infected. Get tested, Lana! Chloe asks if Lana knows where he went. Chloe offers to call the Kents and go look around campus. Lana wants to come with Chloe. "No!" Chloe says, pushing a hand out. Chloe stumbles a bit, telling Lana just to wait there for Clark and calm him down if he shows up. She thinks Lana is the only person Clark will listen to. And that's a sad state of affairs. Lana pulls out a box from her shelf and examines the silver rock. That's totally not pink at all. She puts the rock back in and closes the box.

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