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A Modest Proposal

Lana lies on the floor. Lex comes to her. He can touch her now. D-Fens grabs the knife and says that Lana wanted to say goodbye in person. Wait, I thought the knife was in our frequency. How is D-Fens able to pick it up like that? He and Lex wrestle. The knife falls out of D-Fens's hand way too easily.

Jimmy is playing Tune in Tokyo again. He says that whatever frequency he jams has to be the same one they're using. Chloe tells him to do it. Jimmy says that there are only about a gazillion to sort through.

More male wrestling. Lex goes for the knife. D-Fens grabs it.

More knob twiddling.

Lex gets kicked in the face. Lex kicks back and makes the guy fall. Knife struggling.

Jimmy with the furious DJ skillz.

The knife battle continues.

Jimmy taps an antenna as Chloe tells him to hurry.

Lex gets the better of D-Fens and pins him to the ground. He manages to turn the knife around. The knife goes into D-Fens's chest. Stings!

Jimmy finds the frequency.

D-Fens dies. The knife sticks out from his torso. Lex goes to Lana. She wakes up instantly. She says that Lex is all right. He asks why she's here. "I had to find you," she says. Lex says that she shouldn't have done that. Jimmy and Chloe can hear the conversation through the equipment. Lana says that she'd rather be trapped with Lex where they are than never see him again. "Is it true?" Lex asks. "You did hear," says Lana. "Everything," Lex tells her. They kiss. A lot.

The lights flicker. More static. Lex and Lana appear in the middle of the room as the equipment blows up. They go from static to real. The inconvenient body with the knife in it is there, too, never to be investigated or heard about again. Lex and Lana go right on kissing. It's that kind of love.

Seattle at night. Clark is still wandering around looking for Batista. Clark finds blood on the ground. He follows a trail. Batista is waiting for him, and confronts Clark. "Your blood must make you strong," he says creepily, "I shall taste it." Something whooshes by. Clark tries to punch Batista. The dude catches the punch. Clark, struggling, asks why Batista's doing this. "Everyone's gotta eat," he says. He lifts Clark. Batista suddenly shrieks and falls. Clark lands on his feet. He looks around. Clark sees a weird alien handprint burned into Batista's back. Clark has stepped on something. He moves his foot and sees an Oreo cookie with a bite taken out of it. Clark jogs to the shore. "Hey!" he calls. Someone is standing there. "It was you, wasn't it?" Clark asks. It's a big, bald creature. The creature's eyes glow brightly. Blink. The creature, wearing a cape, bends down, and then leaps to the sky, with the moon in the background. Clark watches. The creature soars away with a red trail. Martian Manhunter! Kick ass!

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