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A Modest Proposal

Kent Farm. Chloe, still wearing her frilly Prince outfit, comes up to the loft. She asks if there's no cell-phone reception in Seattle. Clark, staring outside, says that he was preoccupied. Chloe says that she was worried. Clark grunts that he's sorry. She asks what happened. Clark says that it was less than successful. She asks whether the Zoner just picked up and left the solar system. Clark says that someone else killed him -- someone who can do things Clark can only dream of. Chloe says, "Whoa," and asks whether this is someone who's on their side. Clark says that he's not sure. Chloe presses Clark for more details: she's Clark's trusted friend and secret keeper. Clark says that there are some things Chloe doesn't need to know. Ass. Chloe says that she knows Clark thinks all these space invaders are his fault, but that he can't keep it all inside. She says that's noble, but that other people want to help him fight the good fight and that he needs to let them in: "Because sometimes even heroes need to be saved." Like, say, cheerleaders in trouble. Clark just broods. Chloe leaves. Clark starts to follow, but steps on something. He picks it up. It's an Oreo with a bite in it. Clark thinks, "There must be a glass of milk around here somewhere." O, mysterious cookie. What doth your crumbly sugary goodness and creamy entrails portend?

Stately Luthor Manor, daytime. Lex is in the bedroom. Lana walks in. He tells her she should be off her feet. He's going to get her something to drink. Lana says that she's pregnant, not an invalid. He says that he wants to make things perfect for her. Because she's perfect! Lana apologizes for keeping her secret. She says that she wanted to tell Lex, but wasn't sure. "Of how I'd react?" he asks. He says that it's the best news he's ever heard. "Really?" asks Lana. She smiles, big-time. He says that the woman he loves is carrying their child: "What more could a man want?" A different baby mama? Lex and Lana kiss. Then she asks about 33.1. Lex says that it never existed. "But if it did," Lana says, "I'd understand why." She says that people infected by the meteors are dangerous: "They've hurt me and they've hurt people that I care about." They're bad seeds, the worst seeds, see? She says that the more we learn about them, the better we can protect ourselves. She has so many warring personalities, it's impossible to keep up with them. Lex does the greatest change of subject ever. He says that there's something else she needs to know.

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