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A Modest Proposal

LuthorCorp headquarters. Papa Luthor, wearing his jaunty suspenders-and-tie combo, is standing. A nicely-suited gentleman is telling him that Lex's car is "garaged," and that his accounts are untouched. The guy tells Papa Luthor that airline manifests are a negative. Papa sighs that Lex can't have just fallen off the face of the earth. Hey, it happened to Yahoo Serious. "We have to find him," adds Papa Luthor. Lana appears at the open door. Papa asks her to come in, excusing the investigator and rolling his tongue in his mouth a bit. Lana is wearing what appears to be a black peacoat from The Oliver Twist Collection. Papa says that the news about Lex is devastating, and that he's reserved a room for Lana at the Metro Seasons hotel. He says that it's for her safety. "For my safety or to distance me from the cover-up?" asks Lana. Do what? Ungrateful, much? "Conspiracy?" Papa asks. Damn, Lana must have messed up her line again. Lana says that the security people won't let her see the surveillance tapes, and that she's being assured that she's just seeing things. Papa asks her to tell him what she saw. She says that she doesn't know how to explain it, but she does anyway. "Lex turned into static," she says, "and then he disappeared." Remember Poltergeist? It was nothing like that. Papa starts to wonder if maybe she didn't see what she thought she saw because of the chaos of the moment. Lana says that she saw what she saw. And she yam what she yam. A yam. He asks what else she remembers, like something that might be a clue. Lana tells him about the guard's code: 142. She thinks Papa Luthor knows what that means. He says no, but promises to find out. "I am sure you will," she says. She adds that she'd appreciate it if he let her know when anything else comes up. Papa says he knows how important Lana is to Lex. Angry squirrel! She storms out, wound as tightly as her hair buns. Papa gets on the phone immediately, asking to be put through to Dr. Chavez at Genome Technology. "Yeah," Papa says into the phone, which seems an odd place to end a scene.

A dock on the coast of Seattle. It's very bright. There's a large white tent set up with a sign that reads, "Seattle Coroner Mobile Unit." Ha. They said "Unit." Some techs are transporting labeled bins on a stretcher. A police officer asks a woman in white lab gear whether all the bodies have been accounted for. She says it's hard to tell. Clark, in his bright red jacket, follows the team into the tent. Nobody tries to stop him. One thing missing on the scene: no TV reporters or vans.

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