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A Modest Proposal

Talon. Lana, still peacoated, walks through the alley behind the coffeehouse, trying to look inconspicuous. D-Fens suddenly appears with a whoosh sound effect. He asks if she was followed. Lana says no, and asks what happened to Lex. D-Fens, wearing a dorky tie and even dorkier white short-sleeved shirt, walks, saying that he took Lex, and that if Lana ever wants to see him again, she'll keep her mouth shut and do what he says. Lana asks him not to hurt Lex. He asks if Lana knows that Lex has a secret lab hidden in the LuthorCorp building called 33.1. Wow. It sure took us a while to come back to this storyline. Lana asks why it's secret. D-Fens says that they run experiments on people who've been infected by meteor rocks. He says that when people are released from Belle Reve, they get a one-way ticket to the secret lab. She asks how D-Fens knows all this. That is some sadly sparse facial hair on the guy. D-Fens says that he was one of them until he broke out last night. He says that nobody believes him because he's a former mental patien, but that if Lana blows the whistle on the lab, people will have to believe her. Lana asks whether D-Fens has evidence or proof. He says, "Of course I do." He shows her a keycard and says that he can show her the place. "Then you'll release Lex?" asks Lana. Dramatic music.

Back to Seattle. A police car is passing. Clark is still just allowed to walk around like he owns the place while reporters are conspicuously absent. Clark is told that this area is off-limits. Clark flashes his badge and says that he's with the coroner's office. If I'm not mistaken, the document on the left is a photo ID. I guess Clark just looks that much like the coroner lady. "Better you than me," says the on-duty cop, letting him pass. Clark is told their theory: the "perp" was hiding in a container and busted out with his bare hands to start his killing spree. Clark is shown a large metal crate that looks like it was ripped open. They thought it was blood all over the place, but the stuff on the walls was human bone marrow: "It's frickin' disgusting." Indeed. The stuff splattered about looks like pink oatmeal. The cop says that the forensic team is waiting for Clark. Lovely. Another cop is looking around and finds blood on the ground. He draws his gun and tries to sneak around a corner. Someone grabs him from behind by the shoulder. It's giant wrestler Batista! And he looks scary! "Who are you?" asks the cop. "Someone's who's hungry!" hisses Batista. He breaks the cop's arm, lifts him up for a body slam, and kicks him on his way down. Owww! The cop screams. Nobody hears it, apparently. Batista digs a hand into the guy's back. Finish him! He pulls out a spine. Fatality! Would you say that someone who does that is very debone-aire?

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