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A Modest Proposal

Planet. All kinds of crazy audio devices and amplifiers are set up near a computer. Chloe and Lana walk with Jimmy up to what I guess is his huge desk. They give him such a large space to work? Chloe says she knew Jimmy was a gadget junkie, but that this looks like it's from the Jurassic era. Jimmy says that when he heard about the frequency jumper, he pulled out his dad's old ham radio equipment. "Ham radio?" asks Lana. Is it kosher? Jimmy informs the younger set that people were communicating worldwide long before the internet. Breaker Breaker 1-9 -- we got a dork here. (Yes, I know that's CB talk. It's still dorky. Can I tell you my dad had a CB radio? And I think he called himself Papa Bear? And I was Baby Bear? Oh, stop. It's not that cute.) Jimmy says that he used to sneak down to the basement in the late-night hours and get his ham on. Hey, wasn't "ham-on" in a Michael Jackson song? Jimmy says his handle was "Jimmy the Infuriator." I thought the point of a handle was not to use your real name. Sadly, this reminds me of my old BBS days when I went by "The Night Raven." I'm mortified that I just told you that. Chloe says that handle doesn't surprise her.

Jimmy tells the "girls" to listen carefully. He turns on the sound from the surveillance footage. There's a loud, piercing electronic noise. Jimmy forgot to warn them to close their ears. "Right there. Could you hear that?" Jimmy asks. Yeah, we heard it, douche. My neighbors heard it. Jimmy says that it's a radio frequency, and that it kept coming back in the footage. Jimmy bullshits that he tried blending "the narrow-band frequency modulation with the UHF modulation." Then he threw in some milk and ice cream and made a modulation milkshake. Chloe gives Jimmy a puzzled look. He tells her just to look. Or rather listen. Jimmy adjusts some knobs. If you're gonna play "tune in Tokyo," couldn't you just do that on your own with Chloe later? The audio breaks up then we hear Lex say, "...find my way back to you." Aw, he must be watching Last Of The Mohicans. "It's him," says Lana. Jimmy tells her that Lex was in the room; they just couldn't hear him. "My God," says Lana. She watches herself say, on video, that she just wants to see Lex's face again. Lex says, "Lana, I love you so much." Lana is shocked that Lex heard everything she said. Jimmy says that this may sound absurd (oh, try us), but that he thinks Lex may be trapped in another frequency. He says it's like the way AM and FM frequencies are different, but move in the same space. Lana asks if they can communicate with Lex. Jimmy thinks there's a "frequency loop" in that area, so it's probably possible if Lana talks in Lex's location. Lana exhales deeply. This is hard work, all this acting!

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