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Maybe We Could Call Her 'The Tit'

Blago rifles through Clark's suit and finds his Daily Planet press badge. He does not like that at all.

On the roof, Lois removes her long coat. "Oh, that's it!" she says. Then: "Wow, that's far."

Blagojevich pulls out a gun and points it at Clark's head. He offers to tell Clark how the story ends. Badly?

Rooftop. "Come on, Lois!" Lois tells herself. She's put on her mask. She jumps onto the glass and breaks through it. She falls very slowly, about 20 or 30 feet, and manages to kick Saracen across the room on her way to not killing herself as she lands on the floor. If there were rope involved I might believe this, but as it stands, it's just completely stupid. Lois should be lying on the ground with a fractured spine and her legs over her shoulders. Also, cut up from all the glass. Instead, she's just fine. "It worked!" she says. Blago is nowhere to be found. He didn't get kicked. Lois goes to Jimmy. Blago raises his gun and aims at Lois. He says she has no idea what she just stepped in. "Lois!" Clark cries. He manages to get to his feet and dives in front of the bullet just as Blago fires. The bullet sails in slow motion and squibs on the left side of Clark's stomach. "Clark!" Lois cries. Blago points the gun at Lois, but just then Jimmy wakes up, gets to his own feet and pushes the gun away in the time it takes Blagojevich to react. He is a terrible street fighter. I think the only street he could have ruled was Sesame Street, and I'm not sure Big Bird wouldn't have kicked his ass. Jimmy pushes Blago against the wall and manages to knock the gun out of his hand. Lois breaks a bottle on Blago's head from behind and that puts him out. Lois removes her long arm gloves and goes to Clark, telling him he'll be fine. Lois, teary, tells Jimmy to dial 911. He goes to do that. Lois asks why Clark tried to be a hero. She says he didn't need to do that. Clark manages to tell her that she needs to get him out of there. Two seconds later, Jimmy has already made the call and they're lifting Clark out of the room. That seems unwise for a gunshot wound victim, but they go along with it. "Come on, superhero, you're gonna be fine," Lois tells him as they leave the money room. It's true, money is the root of all evil action scenes.

Alley behind The Talon. Chloe is carrying two large, bulging trash bags. They're full of squishy-sounding stuff. She lefts each of them and throws them in a big Dumpster. She looks down at her hands and they're covered with blood. Chloe freaks out. She sits on the ground and loses her cool. Her face is twisted in fear and loathing. The camera pans over to the open Talon back door.

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