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Maybe We Could Call Her 'The Tit'

Overly dramatic music plays as we cut to a sign that says, "CITY EDITOR." Ah yes, the one Clark tried to get fired recently by going over his head. Lois, still dressed in her ridiculous nightwear, is talking to a young editor who's wearing a nice suit. She's mad that her Stiletto story got buried on page 10. She asks why they didn't just put it in the Classifieds. Because nobody would buy it. The editor is annoyed that he was pulled out of the banquet and Lois didn't even get a photo. Dumb Shit Lois thinks Stiletto is camera shy. The editor, still annoyed, says he doesn't want a headshot, just some action on the street. Lois says sarcastically that she'll ask for a schedule of future saves. The editor stops as he's walking up the stairs from the lower floor. He says he thought Lois's whole game was her powers of persuasion. She can't even persuade any of us to believe she's really Lois Lane. "Get the picture!" the editor demands. They must be really strapped for cash if they won't even assign a photographer. Lois stands there, thinking. It's like forks rubbing up against each other. The camera focuses on Lois's silly boots as she jogs back to her desk. She picks up a phone and starts to dial. "Lois!" Clark calls from across the room. She puts down the receiver. Clark says he talked to Chloe. He asks about Stiletto. Lois tells him to be patient. He can drool over her the next day with the rest of the world. On page 10. Clark notices a story Lois wrote sitting on the desk. It's on newspaper stationery (huh?) and the headline is, "STILETTO! The Newest Super Hero!" Superhero is two words? Really, Lois? [Since DC and Marvel have been trying to trademark the two-word phrase for years, that must be the preferred nomenclature in the props department. - Z] The story doesn't even mention the attack in the first three paragraphs and has a giant pull quote from Stiletto talking about herself. No wonder the editor didn't want to run it on A1. It's absolute shit. Clark doesn't even remark on the story, he just picks it up and holds it, like a dead animal. Lois says snarkily that she's fine and thanks for asking. Clark smirks, then looks at the story. "Stiletto gave you all these quotes?" he asks. "She was talkative," Lois tells him, grabbing back her abomination of an article. Clark needs to get in touch with her. "Get your own hero!" Lois tells him. She says that she's helping Stiletto try to keep a low profile. By trying to get her story on the front page of the paper, I guess. Lois says it's not every day that a hero trusts her with a phone number. Clark can't believe she got a number. Clark explains that Chloe's computer is missing and has all her Isis information on it. He says again he needs to talk to Stiletto. Lois suggests Clark go talk to the guy the cops did catch and see if he'll rat out his buddy. Another overly dramatic train sound plays for no good reason. It's annoying.

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