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Maybe We Could Call Her 'The Tit'

The Talon, nighttime. Chloe is walking down the stairs to the coffee bar holding a big glass of water. Before she reaches the last step, she's accosted from behind and drops the glass. The thug mentions Chloe's car and asks about Stiletto. Chloe says she doesn't know what he's talking about. She elbows the guy and runs. She's running for the basement door, but he grabs her and throws her back against another wall. He pulls a knife on her. "You do not want to lie to me," the thug says. He puts the knife to her throat. Chloe again swears she knows nothing. Nevertheless, he offers to leave a message. Just then, a big shadow creeps up next to Chloe's head. Something Doomy grabs the guy by the feet and drags him away as he screams. We hear growling and gross crunching sounds. Chloe flinches. Soup's on!

We cut immediately to Chloe upstairs in her apartment, standing in front of a mirror. She's examining her neck. There's a line of blood where she was cut. Lois walks in. Chloe throws a red scarf around her neck to cover the wound. Lois asks if Chloe was expecting Freddy Krueger. Chloe asks what's up. Lois says the Stiletto story broke a heel and isn't happening. Chloe opens the door for Lois to leave, suggesting there must be a tequila shooter in town somewhere on a Friday night. Lois gets the hint, but says she's actually there to find out if Chloe knows where Jimmy might be. He's not answering his phone. "I thought that's what Facebook updates were for," Chloe suggests. Chloe asks what Lois wants with Jimmy. She hesitates before saying she needed help photographing something, but now she needs the evidence burned. Chloe frowns. Lois throws her inhibitions to the wind for the millionth time. She opens up her coat and reveals her pleather outrage of a costume. "Surprise!" she says. Put those away! You'll knock over a lamp! As if it wasn't obvious, Lois says she's Stiletto. How did Chloe not already figure this out? "You did this for a story, didn't you?" Chloe asks. That's three characters in a row who've given Lois shit for that. Maybe it's time to admit you're Dumb-Shit Wrong, huh? Lois says she already got the lecture from Clark and doesn't want it in surround sound. Well, excuse the shit out of us for telling you about the stupid, career-ending thing you just did. She closes her coat to cover her shame. She asks if Chloe's ever gotten in over her head. Chloe looks sad and conflicted. Chloe steps forward and asks if she can tell Lois something. Then she thinks better of it. "Jimmy should be at the Ace of Clubs," Chloe finally tells her. She smiles and plays off the deep pain in her psyche. She jokes that she really needs to remove Jimmy from her Facebook friends. Chloe looks like she has tears in her eyes. Lois doesn't seem to notice. She goes to the door and thanks Chloe for understanding. "Anytime," Chloe tells her. As soon as Lois is gone, Chloe looks miserable again.

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