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Little Orphan Luka

Green apple peelin'. No, that's not a figure of speech. MamaKent is peeling an apple in the kitchen while Luka watches her, intently. Now we get a bit of the A.I. vibe. Luka, face in his palms, says, "Clark's the best thing that ever happened to you, isn't he?" MamaKent says he is. Oops, sorry Bo. Luka asks some more probing questions, like if Clark has always been so strong that he can tear off the back panel of a garbage truck. MamaKent plays it off like he's just being silly and Clark could never do that. Liar! Liar! "If you say so," Luka says, after a long penetrating look. I like how he does it with no cheesy special effects and not even any big mood music. Yay to that, I say. "What's your greatest fear?" Luka asks suddenly. MamaKent looks a little aggravated and says that it's not getting the pie done before he leaves. Then she scoots him outside. Luka takes a green apple and goes.

Clark is walking around and sees an open door leading down to a weird basement building downstairs. Another building? This isn't a farm. It's the Branch Davidian compound. Clark walks into a bare room where his shiny silver spaceship is held up in the center and glowing from a strategically random beam of light from above. Grave alien-autopsy tones play. Clark turns around and sees Luka standing in the sunlit doorway. "Don't be mad," Luka says. Clark gets mad. He asks how Luka knew about it. "I heard about it in your mom's mind," he says. Luka says he wanted to see the ship himself. He also says he can hear people's thoughts, but only what's on the surface. We need to get this kid in here to be a recapper. Clark is the one person he can't read because, you know, that alien mind shield. Clark is still upset. Luka tries to make it better by saying he won't tell. Luka wants to stay; he says he can warn the family when trouble is near the farm, like a mind-reading Lassie. He offers to tell Clark Lana's deepest secret. Clark says he doesn't want to know it. Because that would be Wrong. "Why not? It's about you," Luka offers. Still no sale. Clark tells him he can't keep doing this. Luka starts to get emotional, saying Clark doesn't know what it's like to be different and a freak. And mopey. And rosy-cheeked. The kid says he can't block out people's thoughts anymore. Clark whips out the photo from the backpack. "Is this your mother?" he asks. Tears in his eyes, Luka nods. He says he wanted to start over with the Kent family. Tough city life has made him crave the warmth and wisdom of a farm-fresh platitude. Luka says he wanted to be adopted like Clark was. Luka says his stepfather and the stepfather's new wife have been using his abilities. To steal. His eyes get red and puffy. Here come the psychic waterworks. He says when he tried to stop helping the bad parents steal, they threatened him and hit him. It was some kind of trouble, some kind of fight. Clark looks emotional too, now. Luka tells Clark he has to protect him. "You're the only one who can," he says. Clark gives him a sideways hug. Tears. Commercial? What? I'm not crying. Hey, shut up. Don't look at me. I, um...I got some hot Indonesian coconut soup peppers in my eye. Seriously. Ahem.

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