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Alien Nation

Commercials. In case you weren't aware, advertisers would like to remind you that it is the holiday season and time for you go get off your lazy ass and buy some gifts already.

Daily Planet. Upstairs, Jimmy is telling Chloe about a fabulous one-bedroom apartment (DSL-ready?) with a sprawling view of downtown. He's asking Chloe to move in with him? Dude! Slow it down, brown! Oh, wait, Jimmy's white. My bad. He asks if that doesn't scream "Chloe Sullivan." Chloe says that she's not screaming for a place to live. Oh, was that place just supposed to be for Chloe? Chloe tells Jimmy, as they come down the stairs, that she has an apartment. I thought that apartment belonged to Lois and Chloe was just sleeping on the couch. Chloe says that her roommate may blast Metallica in the bathroom, but that she's happy there. Isn't school starting back up? I have no idea how Chloe thinks she should still be living in Smallville. It's sad when they make her as dumb as the rest of the show. As a large fan blows nearby (because it's December), Jimmy tells Chloe that he's not comfortable having a girlfriend living in a place surrounded by murderous freaks. He doesn't bring up her awful commute. Chloe says that she's been living in that town for ten years (which is wrong), and that she's still standing. Jimmy says that she must have one dedicated guardian angel. (Someone must have talked to Chloe about her shirts, because now she's wearing a top with a very high collar.) She says that the town gave her some of the best stories in the world. Jimmy teases that her looks might have had something to do with it. Oh, you! Chloe snorts.

Chloe and Jimmy are about to kiss when Clark, standing behind them, interrupts. He asks if they're still on the clock. Oh, shut it, Clark. You're not even supposed to be in the building. "C.K.!" says Jimmy. He wanted to talk to Clark. As Clark looks frightened, Jimmy says that he has to get something out in the open. God, I hope it's not his penis. Jimmy says he knows Clark has issues with him. Clark stands, unsure what he means. As Chloe looks embarrassed, Jimmy says he knows about the whole Jimmy + Chloe thing, and how it bothers Clark, but that he's about working through it: "You play hoops?" Clark looks to Chloe to see if this guy's for real. Jimmy says that they'll go play some one-on-one and leave it out on the court: "Cuz I'm your bro, not your foe." Chloe stifles a laugh. Jimmy holds out a fist. "Ring that bell," he advises Clark. Clark taps the fist with his own. "There it is," says Jimmy. Fine. One good moment in a suck fiesta.

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