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Alien Nation

We go right into music-video mode. The song "Prelude 12/21" by AFI plays as we cut to a lab. The doctor from Lex's office is looking over the shirtless body of Farmer Moleman. He tells Lex, who is standing nearby, that the farmer is in a low-level coma. The music booms: "Kiss my eyes and lay me to sleep." Lex tells the doctor to put him with the others. The music goes into a choir-sounding chorus. We zoom in on Farmer Moleman's dirty fingers. Lex walks in slow motion down a narrow hallway with cells on each side. Hands reach out to Lex from the cells as he keeps walking. The fluorescent lights flicker overhead as Lex walk toward a door. I know this is supposed to look all bad-ass and all, and I guess it does, but it screams "overly art-directed." The door slams behind Lex. A sign on the door reads "33.1." We go to blackout. The song goes all twinkly again.

That's it! Happy holidays, pals. I'll see you in January when Clark forms a Tupperware party made up of past D.C. Comics guest stars. They call it "Justice." I call it, "Work, Round 2."

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