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Alien Nation

Clark shows up, entering without knocking, which is another strike against the whipped cream. "Hey," says Clark. Javier asks whether Clark found Francisco. Clark says that he's still working on that. Everyone notices that Clark looks a little shell-shocked. He asks to talk to Chloe for a second, and tells her that the willow tree is a graveyard and that there are bodies everywhere. Javier can sorta hear everything. Clark says that he called the Sheriff, and that he's on his way. Chloe says that she checked farm records and found out what Fortune 500 company generously took over the farm after the meteor showers. (It's LuthorCorp, in case you're wondering.) Clark has to leave again. Guess where he's going.

Stately Luthor Manor, nighttime. One of Lex's guards brings Clark in through the double doors. Lex, leaning against the rail upstairs in the library, says that he thought he said that Clark was no longer a welcome guest at the manor. Yeah, you tell 'im! Clark says that he doesn't want to be there, either. Ever heard of a cell phone? "But after what you've done..." Clark starts. Lex asks what he might have done this time -- swatted a fly with too much force? Clark accuses Lex of exploiting and murdering migrant workers. Oh, Clark, with your accusations. Did it ever occur to you that a giant mole-man might have done that? Clark asks whether that's really worth the bottom line. Lex says that if Clark is going to accuse him of murder, he might want to have the facts to back that up. What are these "facts" you speak of, bald man? Clark says that Lex bought Farmer Moleman's farm last year, and that any immigrant who didn't agree to do labor by force was buried in the cornfield. Lex comes down the stairs, telling Clark, "I don't know what you're talking about." Lex says that he could quote the Farmer's Almanac and Clark would still call him a liar. True dat. "What do you think Lana would do if she found out about this?" Clark asks. All right, Clark, now that's just creepy. You sound like a sketchy, blackmailing ex-boyfriend. Lex scoffs that they could ask her, except she's on her way to Amsterdam on his jet. They don't have a phone on the jet? "I wasn't able to clear my schedule," Lex adds. Clark says that he ratted Lex out to the sheriff, and that he can save his lies for the authorities. Thanks for stopping by! Sign the guestbook on your way out, please.

Talon. Chloe and Jimmy are doing the dishes while Javier paces nervously. "C.K. missed a mean stuffed crust," Jimmy tells Chloe. The sad thing is that, back in the day, a stuffed crust is what Clark would have been getting at Lex's place. Whoa! Nice shirt, Chloe! The Chloevage has returned to take its rightful co-starring role. That shirt is tiiiiight! Jimmy asks where Clark ran off to. Chloe clears her throat and starts to make an excuse. Jimmy says that Chloe doesn't have to cover for him, since he knows why Clark left: "He doesn't like me." He says that he gets it: Clark is madly in love with Chloe, and she's Jimmy's girl. Chloe grins at that, saying that she and Clark are just friends: "That ship is firmly anchored at bay." Does that make her a barge? She says that, with regard to Clark's not liking Jimmy, that's impossible. He is a young gay farmboy drawn to men who know their way around Metropolis. What's not to like? Chloe says that Jimmy makes her happy. Jimmy grins, leaning in for a kiss. Chloe stops Jimmy by reminding him about their company. Put away the whipped cream, dude. Chloe turns. Javier is gone. The window is open, the obligatory sheer curtain blowing. They didn't notice the kid open a window and jump through it?

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