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Alien Nation

The back alley. Chloe and Jimmy call after Javier. The kid is chasing a truck, and hops on the back as Chloe yells, "Javier!" Oops! We go to commercials.

The star of Eragon calls the movie "Air-gone" and talks about his dragon in all seriousness. Awesome.

Back to the Talon -- or, "the place where Chloe screwed up just like Lois did last season by losing a kid." Hey, I just noticed that cool wallpaper! Chloe is talking to Clark on the phone, telling him he needs to get there as soon as possible. Before she can finish the words, Clark has whooshed over and is opening the front door. "Where's Javier?" Clark asks, before realizing that rhymes. Awesome! Chloe says that she's soooo sorry, but that he disappeared. Like, "ran off" disappeared, or "spooky powers" disappeared? Chloe says that Jimmy is off looking for him. Clark, annoyed, says, "All I did was ask you to watch him." Chloe, not so smartly, says that she pleads guilty to child negligence in every degree. The child negligence flip remark, Chloe? Not so cute. Chloe says that the kid jumped onto a truck and disappeared. That seems to go against saying you turned around in your living room and he was gone. Clark looks toward the window, and then seems to make an important decision. He'll take action! Good decision, Clark.

Dusty hands. Someone wearing surgical gloves is brushing dirt off of poor Francisco's face. He's got to be a good actor not to notice that it tickles. A team of doctors, or perhaps chip-factory workers, is excavating bodies from the mass burial site. They're all wearing white chip-factory bunny suits and white masks. I wonder if these dead bodies are dual-processor capable. Sheriff's deputies stand around, and there's a single ambulance in the background near the willow tree. Clark arrives, and nobody minds that he and Jimmy are just inches away from the dead bodies. A lone piece of crime-scene tape weakly tries to keep people out, saying, "Hey. You. No, don't come in here, please don't, awwwww. Dude. Not cool." Jimmy, his press badge clipped to his shirt collar (huh!?), is taking photos, and asks Clark, "Any luck?" Yes, Clark has luck every week, pretty much. Clark says that he's been looking all night but hasn't found Javier. Jimmy wonders whether any of the bodies there is Francisco's. Clark stares at Francisco's body. Yeah, that would be him.

Clark calls over Deputy Token Morales, and asks whether any of the bodies has been identified yet. Token, holding a cloth that he half-heartedly uses to stifle the smell, says that they appear to be undocumented workers. You can tell because they're still trying to work even while dead and buried. He says that all their papers were forged, and that when they went missing, the others were too scared to report anything. Clark asks what'll happen to the others. "They'll be detained," says Token, "and sent back to their country of origin." He says "origin" like "are-a-gin." Token adds that, thanks to Clark's tip, Farmer Moleman can't hurt anyone else. Two deputies are carrying Moleman over to a police car, asking if there are any more fields they should check and suggesting that he tell them now. Clark unwisely approaches. "That boy who got away -- he got to you, didn't he?" Moleman asks, in his gravelly voice. That's a bit skeevy, dude. Mind your own beeswax. Clark asks why he did it. Moleman says that desperate times call for desperate measures. Yes, but are these murderous times? "This farm is my livelihood," he monologues. Clark asks why he brought in slave laborers and then killed them. "I wasn't about to let a couple of lazy potato pickers turn me in," Moleman replies. First of all..."lazy"? Secondly, that insult could have been a lot worse. Moleman yells that Clark and "that boy" will pay for catching him. Cool. Just send an invoice over. There are probably some farm subsidy grants, too. Token tells them to take the dude away. Moleman elbows the two deputies just as Clark and Token are walking away. Moleman grits his teeth and burrows right into the ground. We don't actually see it -- we just cut to a small hole in the ground without much displaced dirt around it. With a name like "Moleman," how could we have foreseen that this would happen!? Everyone looks down into the hole. Instead of special effects, this episode tries weird angles. We see everyone looking down at us from the point of view of the hole. Roots move around. It's about as terrifying as your aunt's begonias.

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